Unfortunately, due to Real Life (TM), there is no one to maintain BrutusWeb at the moment (noticed as of 20190905).
The game is working just fine, running at telnet://brutusmud.net:4444 as always

You can use telnet command on UNIX or a telnet client on Windows (e.g. PuTTY from www.putty.org) to connect. Or, for much more comfortable experience, use one of the MUD clients. Andy's favorite is TinyFugue (commandline-based for Linux), others prefer MUSHclient, zMUD, Tintin. There is a package of MUSHClient with multitude of BrutusMUD-specific plugins compiled by Rahman here.

Legendary skills listings are available here.
Photos from previous sessions can be seen here (just photos, without fancy organizer).

Thanks for understanding.
Andy, 2019-09-05