Fire Magic Specialization

Fire magic specialization is the first skill of Fire Magic branch of legendary skills. It is required to learn all other skills of this branch. Fire magic specialization provides knowledge of principles of fire magic, increasing damage of fire spells by 2%.


Improved Fire Magic Specialization

Improved fire magic specialization builds on the basics laid down by fire magic specialization skill. This upgrade provides deeper insight into principles of fire magic, enhancing damage of fire spells by additional 2%. It is also required for continuing with further study of fire magic.

Dependencies: fire magic specialization

Extended Fire Magic Specialization

Extended fire magic specialization further improves knowledge of principles of fire magic. This deeper insight provides boost of fire damage by additional 2.5%.

Dependencies: improved fire magic specialization

Enhanced Fire Magic Specialization

Enhanced fire magic specialization deepens sorcerer's knowledge of fire magic even further, to the point where sorcerer can start tapping power of his inner flames if desired. Enhanced knowledge of fire magic also increases damage of fire spells by 2.5%, in addition to previous upgrades.

Dependencies: extended fire magic specialization

Advanced Fire Magic Specialization

Advanced fire magic specialization grants sorcerer knowledge of the most obscure principles of fire magic, allowing learning of the most powerful skills of fire magic branch, and also boosting damage of fire spells by additional 3%.

Dependencies: improved thrusting flame + enhanced fire magic specialization

Fire Attunement

Fire attunement means that you shift your basic essence even closer to the very essence of fire magic, allowing you to better use your mana when casting fire spells. This in turn reduces manacost of your fire spells by 5%. Note that this reduction only applies to those spells which are based on fire by their nature, not when they are based on some other principle and cause fire as their effect for whatever reason (thinking of fools blast or powerword kill here)

Dependencies: improved fire magic specialization

Improved Fire Attunement

Fire attunement provides a simple mechanism for increasing effectivity of casting fire spells, and it didn't take long to improve this mechanism to increase manacost reduction by further 5% by improved fire attunement.

Dependencies: fire attunement

Extended Fire Attunement

Further extending the techniques of fire attunement, this skill provides additional 5% reduction to manacost of fire-based spells.

Dependencies: improved fire attunement + extended inner flame

Enhanced Fire Attunement

As fourth upgrade to fire attunement, this skill provides further 5% reduction to manacost of fire spells by allowing the sorcerer to use even more powerful techniques to increase efectivity of spending mana.

Dependencies: extended fire attunement + igniting flame

Advanced Fire Attunement

With the most advanced techniques of spending mana on fire spells, sorcerer reduces manacost of his/her fire spells by further 10%, in addition to previous fire attunement skills. These advanced techniques are also necessary for some of the most powerful skills in fire magic branch.

Dependencies: enhanced fire attunement + advanced fire magic specialization

Inner Flame

Inner flame allows access to the energy all sorcerers posses but are mostly unable to fully harness. Connection to your inner flame shifts the essence of your very being partly to fire, making you more resistant to magic fires. Inner flame skill grants you 2% reduction of damage from magic fire.

Dependencies: enhanced fire magic specialization

Improved Inner Flame

Accessing your inner flame helps but the connection is initially pretty weak. With improved inner flame this connection is strenghtened, granting additional 2% reduction of incoming magic fire damage.

Dependencies: inner flame

Extended Inner Flame

Building on improved inner flame, extended inner flame provides even stronger connection to basics of your power. As more of your essence is based on fire, incoming magic fire damage is reduced by additional 2%.

Dependencies: improved inner flame

Enhanced Inner Flame

Enhancing the connection to inner flame to the fourth level not only adds further 2% reduction to incoming magic fire damage but also brings closer the more powerful skills of fire magic branch of legendary skills. Just one more step to completely awaken your inner flame with advanced inner flame skill, and powerful fire skills will become available.

Dependencies: extended inner flame

Advanced Inner Flame

Advanced inner flame completes awakening of the energy fueling most of sorcerer's magic. This skill provides further 2% reduction of incoming magic fire damage but most importantly, it provides access to most other legendary skills in fire magic branch.

Dependencies: enhanced inner flame

Igniting Flame

Igniting flame taps into the power of your inner flame, providing your fire spells with the ability to ignite victim on impact with 3% chance. Ignited victim will burn for few combat turns, taking additional damage over time. It is not for free, however. When igniting flame castmode is active, your combat spells are 10% more expensive. Note that this manacost increase is true for ALL combat spells, not only those based on fire, but victim can be ignited only by fire spells.

Dependencies: advanced inner flame

Improved Igniting Flame

Igniting flame has some chance to ignite the victim and let him/her burn for a while, but this chance is actually pretty slim. This upgrade increases the chance by 5%.

Dependencies: igniting flame

Extended Igniting Flame

This upgrade further increases the chance that victim will catch with flames. Extended igniting flame adds 6% to the ignition chance, making it total of 14% with previous levels (3% + 5% + 6%).

Dependencies: improved igniting flame

Enhanced Igniting Flame

Fourth level of igniting flame increases chance of ignition by further 7 points, to total of 21% on average, if all levels of igniting flame succeed. Which is in fact pretty much every time, as these skills have very high success rate.

Dependencies: extended igniting flame

Advanced Igniting Flame

The final upgrade of igniting flame, this one adds further 10 points to chance of ignition, to an average chance of 31% when all levels of igniting flame succeed. Depending on how well the skills succeed in the roll, the chance can reach as high as 60%, which means that on average each second or third fire spell will ignite the victim. Also the manacost increase is constant for this castmode, independent on how many levels of upgrades you know. So the more upgrades you know the better chance of igniting for the same cost.

Dependencies: enhanced igniting flame

Thrusting Flame

Sorcerers are often using their flame sword to enhance their mana reserves, but they always wondered how to awaken more of the hidden power inside. Certainly there is potential for significantly more fire energy there, right? And behold, thrusting flame spell provides this ability. It requires good knowledge of fire magic but rewards careful study well. Flame sword with thrusting flame enchant has embedded weaponspell which works like any other weaponspell in other weapons. Until the enchant wears off, that is. With higher levels of thrusting flame it is possible to embed more powerful weaponspells in the flame sword. The spell is still the same, only after target you need to specify which spell you want to embed. Basic thrusting flame embeds powerfireball spell in flame sword.

Dependencies: improved igniting flame

Improved Thrusting Flame

Sorcerer can now embed more powerful spell in her flame sword, a fire bolt.

Dependencies: thrusting flame

Extended Thrusting Flame

Sorcerer grows in power and can now embed flamespout spell in her flame sword.

Dependencies: improved thrusting flame

Enhanced Thrusting Flame

With enhanced understanding of thrusting flames, sorcerer can now embed plasma bolt spell in her flame sword.

Dependencies: extended thrusting flame

Advanced Thrusting Flame

Sorcerer has now advanced her understanding of thrusting flame so much that she can now embed flame strike spell in her flame sword.

Dependencies: advanced fire magic specialization + enhanced thrusting flame

Fire link builds on the connection to the basics of sorcerer's power provided by fire attunement and inner flame skills. When this castmode is active, it provides direct link to the fire essence of the world, and when you cast a fire spell, there is a chance that your inner flame will be directly connected to surrounding background fire essence, significantly increasing your manaregen rate. This is not without a cost, however, as this link will partially destabilize your material shell, decreasing your fire resistance. This manaregen increase from fire link is so powerful that it is greatly noticeable even during fight when you are hurling spells with maximum intensity. The link lasts only for a few moments before breaking, but it can be quickly restored by casting more fire spells.

Dependencies: enhanced fire attunement

This upgrade to fire link increases manaregen provided by it by additional 300 points on average. Unfortunately as fire link power increases, its negative effects increase too.

Dependencies: fire link

Further increasing the strength of direct link to background fire essence, this skill adds further 300 points on average to manaregen provided by fire link. The more powerful link also increases material instability, too.

Dependencies: improved fire link + lasting flame

The fourth enhancement to fire link adds further 300 points on average to manaregen rate provided by fire link, and also disrupts material shell even further.

Dependencies: extended fire link

The most powerful upgrade to fire link, this one adds 600 points to manaregen rate provided by fire link. Unfortunately it also causes the biggest disruption to your material shell. Ability to form the strongest connection to background fire essence is necessary for generating fire from other places than only your hand, as creating fire elementals or flame orbs.

Dependencies: enhanced fire link + extended lasting flame

Lasting Flame

This castmode provides an upgrade to fire link. Fire link normally lasts only a few combat rounds, with lasting flame this duration is increased by around 4 rounds. Unfortunately, this effect also increases fire resist penalty of fire link by one third.

Dependencies: fire link

Improved Lasting Flame

Better understanding of lasting flame increases the duration bonus by additional 4 or so combat rounds.

Dependencies: lasting flame + improved fire link

Extended Lasting Flame

This upgrade further increases duration of fire link by 4 more combat rounds on average. It is also required to reach the highest fire link level.

Dependencies: improved lasting flame

Enhanced Lasting Flame

The fourth upgrade to lasting flame, this skill increases duration of fire link by further 4 combat rounds on average.

Dependencies: extended lasting flame

Advanced Lasting Flame

The final upgrade of lasting flame, this one increases duration of fire link by around 6 combat rounds on average. Usability of this upgrade highly depends on the way you are using your spells. If you are used to depend on mana channel, then this skill is probably not for you. If you need to depend on yourself, however, then advanced lasting flame can greatly increase your combat potential.

Dependencies: enhanced lasting flame + extended fire link

Chaotic Fire

Most sorcerers would love chaos blast, would there be no chaos demons. Unfortunately, every now and then chaos blast gives rise to a chaos demon which can be real pain in the ass. Or used to be. Chaotic fire spell actually takes advantage of such chaos demons by explosively unbinding the chaos power inside, channelling it into an explosion of chaotic flames which damages all enemies in the room. The power of this explosion depends on the power of chaos demon, which is mostly random as you would expect from chaos. Greater level of the caster helps too, of course (total damage is something line Nd200 where N is sum of your level and demon's power). Chaotic fire actually encourages casting of chaos blasts, especially if enemy is vulnerable to fire.

Dependencies: advanced fire attunement

Ultra Thrusting Flame

Sorcerer has reached the ultimate power of thrusting flames. She can now embed incinerate spell in her flame sword, unleashing fiery destruction on her enemies.

Dependencies: advanced thrusting flame + advanced fire attunement

Summon Fire Elemental

With intimate knowledge of inner workings of fire magic, close connection to background fire essence and ability to summon elementals, sorcerer can summon an especially powerful elemental from fire realms. This fire elemental not only adds some melee damage but it also breathes fire. Furthermore, fire elemental casts flame strike occasionally. Frequency of flame strike spells depends on summoner's level. Unfortunately this fire elemental is highly unstable and disappears after few minutes. Of course, the higher summoner's level the longer the elemental will last. Because fire elemental lasts only short time the damage it causes is recorded as skill damage for the sorcerer so it's easier to keep track of the total.

Dependencies: advanced fire attunement + advanced fire link

Summon Greater Fire Elemental

An elemental which casts flame strikes is nice, but why stop at that? With more experience with fire magic, it is possible to summon even more powerful elemental, a greater fire elemental. This one is casting incinerate spells instead of flame strikes, and chance of casting a spell is higher, too. Just as with the basic fire elemental, the damage is recorded as sorcerer's skill damage.

Dependencies: summon fire elemental

Flaming Orb

Fire elementals are all good and well but still they are external entities and anyway don't last that long. Flaming orb is also not physically connected but is still considered a piece of equipment, occupying nearby slot (nearby slot must be free to cast this spell). The knowledge of fire magic and connection to background fire essence allows sorcerer to imbue flaming orb with ability to cast flame strikes on its own. Unfortunately it casts without sorcerer's control, but still it is additional spell here and there which can trigger effects from some castmodes, especially bursting flame.

Dependencies: summon greater fire elemental

Improved Flaming Orb

While flaming orb is nice addition to fire sorcerer's arsenal of fire-launching equipment, it has big drawback that it lasts very short time. With this improvement, it can last 20% longer.

Dependencies: flaming orb

Extended Flaming Orb

While flaming orb is nice addition to fire sorcerer's arsenal of fire-launching equipment, it has big drawback that it lasts very short time. With this improvement, it can last further 20% longer.

Dependencies: improved flaming orb

Enhanced Flaming Orb

While flaming orb is nice addition to fire sorcerer's arsenal of fire-launching equipment, it has big drawback that it lasts very short time. With this improvement, it can last further 50% longer, making it much more stable.

Dependencies: extended flaming orb

Advanced Flaming Orb

The main selling point of flaming orb is that it can launch a fire spell on its own which can then trigger bursting flame. The problem with this was that bursting flame only mirrors the spell so it would mirror a flame strike spell. Not bad, but not as good as it could be. With advanced understanding of flaming orb conjuration the sorcerer can now imbue flaming orb with the pinnacle of fire damage, the incinerate spell, realizing the full potential of both flaming orb and bursting flame.

Dependencies: enhanced flaming orb

Soul Of Fire

Soul of Fire is the state of being acquired after extensive study of fire magic. Spellcasters with such a vast knowledge of fire magic are able to significantly increase the destructive power of their fire spells. When attaining this state of being for the first time, power of fire magic is increased by 5% on average.

Dependencies: flaming orb

Improved Soul Of Fire

Further study of fire magic allows one to improve his Soul of Fire status, granting additional 5% increase in destructive power of fire spells.

Dependencies: soul of fire

Extended Soul Of Fire

Further study of fire magic allows one to improve his Soul of Fire status, granting additional 7% increase in destructive power of fire spells.

Dependencies: improved soul of fire + bursting flame

Enhanced Soul Of Fire

Further study of fire magic allows one to improve his Soul of Fire status, granting additional 10% increase in destructive power of fire spells.

Dependencies: extended soul of fire + chaotic fire

Advanced Soul Of Fire

Further study of fire magic allows one to improve his Soul of Fire status, granting additional 13% increase in destructive power of fire spells.

Dependencies: enhanced soul of fire + firewall twist

Bursting Flame

Bursting flame changes sorcerer into a machine of fiery destruction, the very image of fiery hell. Active bursting flame imbues all your fire spells with the potential of channelling that fire through your weapon, too. Actually not only the spells you cast but also those lauched from your items. Whenever a spell is released, there is 10% chance that your weapon will duplicate the same spell (provided it has a fire weaponspell of its own, regardless of which one). Bursting flame provides considerable power but it also takes heavy toll on sorcerer's mana reserve. While it is active, all combatspells have their manacost increased by one half. Note that it means ALL of them, not only fire-based ones.

Dependencies: ultra thrusting flame + extended fire link + flaming orb

Improved Bursting Flame

Improved spellcasting techniques with bursting flame increase the chance of actual burst by 15% on average.

Dependencies: bursting flame

Extended Bursting Flame

Deeper knowledge of the mechanics behind Bursting Flame allows the sorcerer to mirror their spells through weapon with greater probability. This upgrade increases the chance by additional 15% on average, making it total of 40% with previous levels of Bursting Flame.

Dependencies: improved bursting flame

Enhanced Bursting Flame

With enhanced bursting flame sorcerer is near pefrection of fire magic. This upgrade adds further 15% on average to the chance of mirroring a spell through weapon, making it 55% total chance together with previous upgrades.

Dependencies: extended bursting flame

Advanced Bursting Flame

The pinnacle of Fire Magic branch. This upgrade to bursting flame increases chance of mirroring a spell through weapon by whopping 20% or even more, taking total chance of weaponspell to well over 75% with each spell. If you have several items which cast fire spells, it requires significant fire resistance to survive this fiery barrage. On the other hand, reaching this skill means that you are limited to fire damage only, which can be significant drawback,

Dependencies: enhanced bursting flame

Move Firewall

When chaos blast creates a firewall, it usually means doom to most group members sooner or later. Another reason why not to use chaos blast. Until now, that is. This spell allows you to actually take advantage of a firewall and move it to envelop target creature. This way you get two effects at once: you get rid of the nasty firewall and you burn the enemy for Nd200, where N is sum of your level (representing how well you can hit the enemy) and level of the firewall (representing the raw power of the firewall).

Dependencies: improved bursting flame

Firewall Twist

Removing firewalls with move firewall is quite cool trick, but can take some time when there are more firewalls in the room. When it is possible to take control of a firewall and move it in straight direction, it should be possible to move it in even more violent ways. And behold, this spell is the way how to get all the firewalls in the room (there must be at least two of them or the spell fails) and lets them sweep through the whole room, creating an equivalent of quite powerful areaspell (Nd100, where N is sum of your level and levels of all firewalls). Of course, the more firewalls the more powerful effect. And all firewalls are removed, too.

Dependencies: move firewall