Cold Magic Specialization

This skill opens the branch of legendary skills known as Cold Magic. This branch contains skills which modify combatspells to perform some additional effects and various other skills related to cold magic. Even the knowledge of this base skill is beneficial as it increases damage of all cold spells by 2%.


Improved Cold Magic Specialization

Building on the basic cold magic, this improvement increases cold damage from your spells by additional 2%, cumulative with basic skill.

Dependencies: cold magic specialization

Extended Cold Magic Specialization

With increased understanding of cold magic comes the ability to cast more powerful cold spells. Extended cold magic specialization increases damage of your cold spells by additional 2%, cumulative with previous levels of cold magic specialization.

Dependencies: improved cold magic specialization

Enhanced Cold Magic Specialization

Further deepening the understanding of principles of cold magic, this skill increases damage of your spell by additional 2%, cumulative with previous levels of cold magic specialization.

Dependencies: extended cold magic specialization

Advanced Cold Magic Specialization

With thorough understanding of the basic principles of cold magic somes the ability to increase damage of your cold spells by additional 3%, cumulative with previous levels of cold magic specialization.

Dependencies: enhanced cold magic specialization

Lingering Cold

When you hit an enemy with your cold spell, this castmode causes the cold to linger on the victim for a while, damaging him/her for few more combat rounds. Basic chance of activating lingering cold on impact is 3% but can be increased with upgrades to this skill. Enabling this castmode increases manacost of your combatspells by 8%.

Dependencies: improved cold magic specialization

Improved Lingering Cold

Better insight into lingering cold castmode granted by this skill increases chance of activating lingering cold by 5 points on average, to the total of 8% per spell. The manacost remains the same as this skill increases the efficiency.

Dependencies: lingering cold

Extended Lingering Cold

Further increase in understanding of principles of lingering cold adds additional 6 points on average to the chance of affecting the victim with lingering cold on impact of your cold spells, making the total chance 14% on average.

Dependencies: improved lingering cold

Enhanced Lingering Cold

Fourth upgrade to lingering cold adds further 7 points to chance of affecting the victim, increasing the probability up to 21% on average.

Dependencies: extended lingering cold

Advanced Lingering Cold

Squeezing all the efficiency out of cold spells, advanced lingering cold adds final 10 points to the chance of engaging the affect on the victim, making on average every third cold spell the delivery platform for lingering cold.

Dependencies: enhanced lingering cold + enhanced cold magic specialization

Cold Attunement

Knowledge of cold magic principles allows you to attune yourself to fluctuations of fire and cold energies, and when you cast a cold spell, you can exploit those fluctuations to reduce manacost of your spell by 5%.

Dependencies: improved cold magic specialization

Improved Cold Attunement

Further attuning your mind to the cold fluctuations in your vicinity allows you to spend even less mana for your cold spells. Improved cold attunement reduces manacost of your cold spells by additional 5%.

Dependencies: cold attunement

Extended Cold Attunement

Deeper understanding of the principles of cold attunement allows you to reduce manacost of your cold spels by further 5%.

Dependencies: improved cold attunement

Enhanced Cold Attunement

Additional tricks to attune yourself to cold fluctuations in your vicinity allows you to reduce manacost of your cold spells by further 5%.

Dependencies: extended cold attunement + improved lingering cold

Advanced Cold Attunement

Thorough understanding of cold attunement allows you to further reduce casting cost of your cold spells by additional 10%.

Dependencies: enhanced cold attunement + advanced cold magic specialization

Freeze Flame

Adept of Cold Magic with flame sword? Doesn't make much sense, does it? No more! Freeze flame allows you to convert your flame sword into a cold weapon. Actually even more cold than how much it was a fire-based one, as this spell is significantly more powerful (and of course a lot more complex) than basic flame sword. Note that you still have to create the flame sword first.

Dependencies: advanced cold attunement

Stunning Cold

By increasing the manacost of your cold spell by roughly 7% you imbue the spell with the power to partially stun the victim for a while. The chance of activating this effect is only 3% for basic stunning cold skill but can be increased with further levels. Victims stunned with this effect will have significant problems with using their skills for a while. However, the more skills they use the sooner they can recover from the stun.

Dependencies: advanced cold attunement

Improved Stunning Cold

This skill provides additional techniques for increasing effectivenes of stunning cold castmode, increasing chance of activating the stunning effect by 5% and also increasing its power and duration.

Dependencies: stunning cold

Extended Stunning Cold

Increased manacost of spells with active stunning cold castmode seems mostly too high to justify its effect. The chance and power of the stunning effect can be increased with improved stunning cold, and extended stunning cold improves it even further. The chance is increased by 6 points on average, making the total chance 14% on average.

Dependencies: improved stunning cold + improved frozen flame

Enhanced Stunning Cold

Knowledge of additional techniques provided by this skill further increases chance of activating stunning effect by 7% and when it succeeds, the stunning power is greater as well.

Dependencies: extended stunning cold + extended encompassing cold

Advanced Stunning Cold

The thorough understanding of the principles of stunning cold increases the chance of activating the stunning effect by further 10 points, making the total chance about 30% on average. As the manacost increase is still the same, with all upgrades this castmode becomes quite interesting.

Dependencies: enhanced stunning cold + advanced frozen flame

Resonant Cold

Sorcerer who is perfectly attuned to the cold energies soon starts to notice that casting cold spells resonates with his inner being. Additional research proved that this resonance can be actually used to recover some mana spent for casting the spell. Resonant cold recovers around 5% of spell's manacost.

Dependencies: advanced cold attunement

Improved Resonant Cold

Gradual improvement of resonant cold increases recovery ratio to 10%.

Dependencies: resonant cold

Extended Resonant Cold

Extending on improved resonant cold increases recovery ratio to 15%.

Dependencies: improved resonant cold

Enhanced Resonant Cold

Additional enhancement of resonant cold increases recovery ratio to 20%.

Dependencies: extended resonant cold

Advanced Resonant Cold

Advanced knowledge of resonant cold increases recovery ratio to 25%.

Dependencies: enhanced resonant cold

Quench Flames

Firewalls are the bane of all players. Cold magic is usually expected to be able to get rid of firewalls, and it is true. With quench flames spell it is quite easy. Just cast quench flames on a firewall, and behold, firewall is gone. If you try to quench flames where there are none, you will only waste mana without any useful effect.

Dependencies: freeze flame

Encompassing Cold

Frozen flame sword provides some boost to your cold damage, but it is not that "real magic" as one would say. To fix this slight misunderstanding, this spell has been developed. Encompassing cold embeds iceball as a weaponspell into your frozen flame sword, adding a free cold spell every few attacks. Combine this with some castmodes which are basically for free when modifying a weaponspell and you get a terrible battle potential.

Dependencies: improved frozen flame

Improved Encompassing Cold

Better understanding of the principles how to shape cold magic into required form allows you to embed stronger weaponspell into your frozen flame sword. With improved encompassing cold you can put frozen orb spell in there.

Dependencies: encompassing cold

Extended Encompassing Cold

Building on previous knowledge, this skill makes it possible to embed ice bolt spell into your frozen flame sword.

Dependencies: improved encompassing cold

Enhanced Encompassing Cold

Further enhancing your combat prowess, with enhanced encompassing cold you can embed freezing ray as a weaponspell into your frozen flame sword.

Dependencies: extended encompassing cold + extended stunning cold

Advanced Encompassing Cold

With thorough understanding of the inner principles behind encompassing cold and mastering the ways of freezing flame sword into its cold form comes the ability to imbue the most powerful cold spell into this weapon.

Dependencies: enhanced encompassing cold + advanced frozen flame

Freeze Chaos

Chaos blast would be really favorite spell were it not for its powerful connection to chaotic forces which more often than not brings disaster not only to the caster but to the whole group. Adepts of Cold Magic are known to actually welcome manifestation of chaotic forces in the form of chaos demon, as they can take advantage of it by freezing the chaotic essence of the demon and convert it to shortterm burst of increased manaregen. Destroying the demon in the process, naturally. Also while this effect lasts, their chaos blasts cannot manifest the chaos.

Dependencies: improved stunning cold

Frozen Breath

Enabling frozen breath modification to your spells increases the manacost for combatspells by 20% and imbue your cold-based combatspells to freeze victim's breath on impact (with 3% chance per spell), greatly inhibiting ability to cast spells. The frozen breath effect dissipates quickly, however, especially when victim is trying to cast more spells.

Dependencies: extended stunning cold

Improved Frozen Breath

Improved frozen breath provides additional techniques to increase chance of freezing victim's breath with frozen breath castmode. This upgrade increases the chance by 5 points on average, to 8% per cold spell.

Dependencies: frozen breath

Extended Frozen Breath

With extended frozen breath you learn some extra tricks how to increase chance of successfully freezing victim's breath. This skill increases the chance by additional 6 points, to average chance of 14% per spell.

Dependencies: improved frozen breath

Enhanced Frozen Breath

This upgrade to frozen breath provides more neat tricks how to make the castmode even more effective, increasing the chance for freezing victim's breath by further 7 points, to a total of 21%

Dependencies: extended frozen breath + enhanced stunning cold

Advanced Frozen Breath

The final upgrade to frozen breath, this skill increases the chance by additional 10 points, to an average chance of more than 30% per spell, meaning that nearly every third cold spell you cast on average will freeze victim's breath.

Dependencies: enhanced frozen breath

Resonant Freezing

Not only does cold spells resonate with sorcerer's inner self but it seems this resonance extends over the whole spell. Carefully using this resonance allows the sorcerer to multiply effect of the spell. When quickcasting a cold spell, this resonance increases the probability of three spells and decreases the probability of two. Also as this resonance moves the probability curve, it is even possible to unleash fourth spell but that is rare occurence.

Dependencies: advanced resonant cold

Improved Resonant Freezing

Improving on previous knowledge, three spells are now norm and four spells are seen every now and then.

Dependencies: resonant freezing

Extended Resonant Freezing

Extending knowledge of resonant freezing, less three spells in quickast become fairly rare occurence and four spells can bee seen fairly often.

Dependencies: improved resonant freezing

Enhanced Resonant Freezing

With enhanced resonant freezing, fourfold quickcast of cold spells is the standard. Sometimes the resonance shift the probability curve so high that quickcast is actually fivefold.

Dependencies: extended resonant freezing

Advanced Resonant Freezing

Advancing to complete understanding of resonant freezing, sorcerer can now see fivefold quickcast every now and then. Mind you, it is still rare, but not once-in-a-lifetime occurence. Threefold quickcast is now history.

Dependencies: enhanced resonant freezing

Frozen Skin

Enabling this castmode increases manacost of your combatspells by 30% for 3% chance to freeze victim's skin for a moment. Frozen skin hinders victim's movement, preventing an attack occasionally. Of course the victim will quickly recover but every prevented attack is good.

Dependencies: extended stunning cold

Improved Frozen Skin

Basic frozen skin castmode has really minimal chance of success so various techniques have been developed to increase this chance. This skill increases the chance by 5 points, more than doubling it to average 8% per cold spell.

Dependencies: frozen skin

Extended Frozen Skin

Additional tricks provided by knowledge of this skill increase the chance of successfully freezing victim's skin by impact of your cold spell by further 6 points, making the total chance 14% on average.

Dependencies: improved frozen skin

Enhanced Frozen Skin

This skill grants knowledge of even more techniques how to increase the chance to freeze victim's skin with your cold spells. Enhanced frozen skin adds further 7 points to the chance, making it on average some 21% per cold spell.

Dependencies: extended frozen skin + enhanced stunning cold

Advanced Frozen Skin

With advanced frozen skin you know all the tricks and techniques which are to be known about this castmode. You increase the chance of freezing victim's skin by additional 10 points, making every third cold spell on average successfully delivering frozen skin effect.

Dependencies: enhanced frozen skin

Inner Winter

Thorough understanding of the cold magic causes the sorcerer to acquire some of the traits generally present in beings who live in eternal winter. This state is usually known between sorcerers as 'inner winter'. Being more proficient with cold magic to the point of attaining this state allows the sorcerer to cast cold spells even more efficiently, decreasing mana requirements by around 7%.

Dependencies: advanced frozen breath

Ice Kinship

After acquiring the state known as inner winter most sorcerers find that it is highly beneficial to further deepen this area of knowledge. The next step is usually called 'ice kinship' for the memory of all the ice creatures with innate cold-based abilities. Ice kinship decreases manacost of cold spells by further 7%, give or take a bit.

Dependencies: inner winter

Drain Deathwall

Chaos blast sometimes manifest its chaotic essence in the form of deathwall in some of the exits. This often means death to the group members and even for you. Unless you know this spell. If you drain deathwall from an exit, you not only free the passage but also extract some mana from it, quite often ending with more mana than before the spell.

Dependencies: inner winter

Heart Of Ice

Becoming internally the creatures of ice themselves, sorcerers advancing to the highest parts of Cold Magic branch of legendary skills are said to have heart of ice. So those sorcerers named one of the most advanced skills to commemorate this thinking: heart of ice. Having heart of ice further increases efficiency of casting cold spells, decreasing their manacost by additional 7% on average. In combination with cold attunement, its upgrades, inner winter and ice kinship, the total manacost is reduced nearly to one half of standard for cold spells, allowing masters of Cold Magic to cast significantly more spells or use quickcast a lot more often. Combining this with various castmodes makes Cold Magic users dangerous foes indeed as they can cripple the enemy with one spell and continue casting again and again.

Dependencies: ice kinship


Cold-specializing sorcerer can unleash incredible number of cold spells during any time interval and this cold barrage modifies the very space through which it travels. With supracooling, sorcerer can utilize this change and cause resonant freezing to create additional echo of the spell that was recently cast via quickcast. This echo manifests as an additional spell triggered few moments after the quickcast. This additional spell drains sorcerer's mana reserves as if she cast it herself normally, and unfortunately cost-reducing skills do not work with it, but still it is one more spell per round.

Dependencies: advanced resonant freezing + inner winter

Improved Supracooling

Paying full manacost of spell echo from supracooling causes big dent in sorcerer's mana reserves. No wonder that research has been performed on how to get rid of this limitation, and with improved supracooling manacost-reducing skills start working on supracool echo again.

Dependencies: supracooling + heart of ice

Extended Supracooling

Extended supracooling provides hints that it is possible to create more than one resonant echo. It doesn't happen often but every now and then, when first echo is produced quickly, second one follows a short moment later.

Dependencies: improved supracooling

Enhanced Supracooling

Building on mana recovery feature of resonant cold, enhanced supracooling allows the sorcerer to charge her supracooling power as she casts more and more spells and after a while she can trigger this charge to produce stronger echos. This in effect causes double spell when supracooling produces echo after quickcast, with high enough charge it can even set off as triple spell. Supracooling charge only works with targetted combat spells. It is not without its danger, however. Being hit with fire damage while charging supracooling effect is quite devastating for sorcerer, and charge cannot be increased infinitely, there is a limit above which the charge can spontaneously discharge to great detriment of the sorcerer. There is no easy way to get rid of accumulated charge, sorcerer must simply quickcast some cold spells until the charge is gone, and then stop charging. Low charge harmlessly dissipates when sorcerer stops charging, higher levels remain.

Dependencies: extended supracooling + advanced frozen skin

Advanced Supracooling

Advanced knowledge of supracooling significantly increases chance of the second supracooled echo after quickcast. Furthermore, charging up supracooling charge is faster with this upgrade.

Dependencies: enhanced supracooling