Condense Shadow

When nightblade is casting a spell, she is able to shape the shadows around her in such a way that a shadow image of her seems to appear next to her. If the target attempts to retaliate, they have a chance to actually attack the image instead of her, therefore completely missing her. About 15% of attacks are aimed at the shadow image. Condensing shadows while spellcasting is not for free, however. It increases cost of spellcasting by 15%.


Improved Condense Shadow

The shadow image becomes more realistic, increasing chance of retaliation hitting the image instead of nightblade. Around 25% of retaliations now hit the image instead of her.

Dependencies: condense shadow

Extended Condense Shadow

Condensing shadows while spellcasting now comes easier to nightblade. When she does so, the additional cost is reduced to 5% only.

Dependencies: improved condense shadow

Enhanced Condense Shadow

Nightblade now manipulates the shadow during spellcasting with even more skill. The image thus created is almost lifelike so whenever nightblade's target attempts to retaliate after nightblade's spell there is 33% chance they hit the image instead of her.

Dependencies: extended condense shadow

Advanced Condense Shadow

Nightblade is now able to create identical image of herself from surrounding shadows while spellcasting. Whenever her targets attempt to retaliate, they have even chance of hitting the image and nightblade.

Dependencies: enhanced condense shadow

Split Shadow

Not only can nightblade create quite a realistic shadow illusion but she can also split the shadow into two, effectively creating two illusions instead of one. The retaliating attack now has significantly higher chance of hitting one of the illusions than nightblade herself as there are two illusions to one real nightblade. Splitting a shadow increases casting cost of nightblade's spell by 25%. Activating Split Shadow only makes sense together with Condense Shadow.

Dependencies: advanced condense shadow

Improved Split Shadow

When nightblade creates shadows to attract retaliation, she is now able to create one additional image, making chances of hitting her only one in four.

Dependencies: split shadow

Extended Split Shadow

Nightblade can now split her shadow more efficiently while condensing shadows. The additional cost for using Split Shadow is now only 10%.

Dependencies: improved split shadow

Enhanced Split Shadow

Nightblade has learned how to split her shadow image into even more copies. She now creates one additional copy, so chances of her target hitting her with retaliatory strike is now only one in five.

Dependencies: extended split shadow

Advanced Split Shadow

When nightblade casts a spell and wants to condense and split shadows around her, she now creates up to five additional images, in addition to those she were able to create before. This in effect means that the retaliating strike can hit the nightblade in one out of ten attempts.

Dependencies: enhanced split shadow

Shadow Fusion

Splitting shadow into multiple images is quite useful without protection of a group but doesn't really reach its full potential when nightblade is, in fact, in a group. Nightblade can, of course, work on this potential and eventually use her shadows in a group. When someone is guarding her and would take a retaliatory hit for her, she can fuse her shadow with that of her guardian and then split the fused shadow in such a way that she creates some images of herself and one of her guardian. Therefore the retaliatory attack aimed at her guardian can hit the image instead in half of the cases.

Dependencies: advanced split shadow

Improved Shadow Fusion

Nightblade can now fuse her shadows with those of her guardian more evenly. Half of her images are now those of her guardian. The potentially unfortunate side effect is that she has fewer of her own images so if the retaliatory strike hits her there is higher chance she will actually get it as she doesn't that many of her own illusions.

Dependencies: shadow fusion

Extended Shadow Fusion

When nightblade wants to fuse her shadow with that of her guardian she doesn't need to complete the fusion before the sees where the retaliation goes. This way she can split the fused shadow only after she knows where the shadow images are needed. Whereever the retaliatory strike lands, there are nine illusions ready to take the hit instead of the target of the retaliation.

Dependencies: improved shadow fusion

Enhanced Shadow Fusion

Nightblade has reached such a skill in manipulation of her shadow that when she splits her shadow she can do it absolutely effortlessly. She no longer need to pay additional mana for her spells while splitting her shadow.

Dependencies: extended shadow fusion

Advanced Shadow Fusion

Nightblade can now manipulate her shadow during spellcasting easily, she doesn't need to expend any additional mana to condense her shadow.

Dependencies: enhanced shadow fusion

Shadow Of Misfortune

Nightblade has learned how to imbue her shadow images with bad luck. Whenever an enemy tries to retaliate and hits the shadow image instead of the nightblade, there is 25% chance that the enemy will acquire curse, poison, slow, decay or unlucky enchant from hitting the shadow image.

Dependencies: advanced split shadow

Improved Shadow Of Misfortune

Nightblade is now able to put more concentrated bad luck into her shadow images. When enemy strikes the shadow image they now suffer 50% chance of contracting the malady.

Dependencies: shadow of misfortune

Extended Shadow Of Misfortune

Nightblade can imbue all the shadows she creates to prevent retaliation from hitting her with bad luck, not only those mirroring her but also those mirroring her groupmate who jumps into the hit.

Dependencies: improved shadow of misfortune + improved shadow fusion

Enhanced Shadow Of Misfortune

When nightblade offers her shadow decoy for an enemy as target for switching combat attention and the enemy falls for it, the decoy is now also empowered with bad luck. When fighting a group with master of shadows in its rank, you'd better not pay attention to her if you want to kill that group...

Dependencies: extended shadow of misfortune + improved shadow decoy

Advanced Shadow Of Misfortune

As nightblade covers behind her shadow decoy to escape a sweeping attack, there is nothing easier for her now than to imbue this decoy with bad luck as well. Not concentrating on one target while fighting group with master of shadows in its rank is not recipe for long and happy life.

Dependencies: enhanced shadow of misfortune + improved shadow cover

Ultimate Shadow Of Misfortune

Hitting one of nightblade's shadow images becomes even more unfortunate as she can boost the negative luck in her images. Every time an enemy hits such an image or decoy they suffer 75% chance of being afflicted with one malady and 25% of getting another one as well, to add insult to injury.

Dependencies: advanced shadow of misfortune

Shadow Decoy

Nightblade soon realized that she can use her shadows not only to save herself from retaliation but she can also create an image of herself, a decoy, that attracts hits when enemies want to switch their attention to her. 25% of all switch attempts hit the decoy instead of nightblade. Being ready to mold shadows into a decoy has a cost, however. Nightblade has to pay some mana for each created decoy, whether or not it succesfully distracts her enemy.

Dependencies: advanced split shadow

Improved Shadow Decoy

Nightblade has gained better understanding of molding shadows on demand. The shadow decoys she creates is now completely realistic. Her decoy now attracts 50% of all switch attempts as the enemy needs to choose from two targets.

Dependencies: shadow decoy

Extended Shadow Decoy

Nightblade is now able to form shadows when needed with less effort. The extra cost of Shadow Decoy is reduced to half.

Dependencies: improved shadow decoy

Enhanced Shadow Decoy

Nightblade can now create one additional shadow decoy when enemies are about to honor her with their attention. Every time there are now three apparent victims so there is only one in three chance that the attack will actually hit nightblade.

Dependencies: extended shadow decoy

Advanced Shadow Decoy

When creating shadow decoys to avert impending change of target nightblade can now create two more decoys. Each time enemy has to choose one from five targets and the real nightblade is only one of them.

Dependencies: enhanced shadow decoy

Shadow Cover

Nightblade can use her decoys not only to prevent enemies to switching their attention to herself but she can also create a decoy and hide behind it during sweeping attacks. Most enemies of reasonable power can see through shadows and illusions but these split-second decisions during whirlwinds and similar attacks do not allow time to ponder which image is real and which is only illusion. On the other hand, nightblade doesn't have much time to form proper illusion. The illusion is realistic enough to attract about 25% of hits from sweeping attacks. Nightblade needs to pay some mana for each illusion formed for this purpose, regardless of whether it succeeds in distracting the enemy or not.

Dependencies: enhanced shadow decoy

Improved Shadow Cover

The decoy that nightblade creates to save herself from whirlwinds becomes completely life-like. The decoy now fools the attacker quite easily in any given attack but the real nightblade is still there so there is even chance of the attack to hit her and the decoy.

Dependencies: shadow cover

Extended Shadow Cover

When nightblade creates her decoy to deflect sweeping attacks she can do so with significantly less effort. The extra cost for Shadow Cover is halved.

Dependencies: improved shadow cover

Enhanced Shadow Cover

As nightblade notices incoming sweeping attack, she can now creates an additional decoy. She does it in such a way that it seems that she creates a decoy and moves away but it is actually the other decoy that moves away. And nightblade herself hides in the confusion. It doesn't always work successfully but only one in three attacks actually hits her.

Dependencies: extended shadow cover

Advanced Shadow Cover

Nigthtblade is now always ready for incoming attack. Whenever she notices an enemy getting ready for a sweeping attack she is now able to create up to four decoys. Only one in such attacks now hits her.

Dependencies: enhanced shadow cover

Ultimate Shadow Cover

When nightblade creates decoys to deflect incoming whirlwing attack she lets her decoys move around chaotically, confusing the attacker further. Only one in ten such attacks can now hit nightblade.

Dependencies: advanced shadow cover

Leave Shadows Behind

Nightblade can focus her shadow-molding ability mostly by instinct byt she can now also do it deliberately. When she wants to flee from combat, she can create a shadow decoy in her place so the enemy would try to block this decoy instead of real nightblade and she would be able to escape. There is still good chance that the enemy will notice the attempted switch and block the real nightblade but she can safely escape from blockers in about one in four attempts. Creating the shadow decoy requires some mana but it is not a spell as such, therefore nightblade can use this skill even in areas where magic doesn't generally work.

Dependencies: advanced shadow decoy

Improved Leave Shadows Behind

Nightblade can now create the decoy much faster, leaving significantly shorter window for the enemy to notice the switch. She can now escape safely in about half of the attempts.

Dependencies: leave shadows behind

Extended Leave Shadows Behind

Combining deliberate and instinctive molding of shadows into her own image allows nightblade to create the decoy even when she start fleeing due to low hitpoints. The quality of decoy is the same as for deliberate escape so she can escape blockers in about half of the attempts.

Dependencies: improved leave shadows behind

Enhanced Leave Shadows Behind

Nightblade is now able to completely mask her escape with her shadow decoy. The enemy has only 5% chance of noticing the switch and block her from escaping when she wants to flee deliberately.

Dependencies: extended leave shadows behind

Advanced Leave Shadows Behind

Nightblade has now gained sufficient understanding of shadow molding that she can create a masterful shadow decoy to mask her escape attempt even when she attempts to flee instinctively due to low hitpoints. The enemy has only 5% chance to notice the switch when her wimpy level triggers.

Dependencies: enhanced leave shadows behind

Confusing Shadow

Shadows are always moving around and if you are not careful the shadows may very well confuse you. Nightblade is very well aware of this and she can use it to her advantage. As an enemy hits one of her shadow images she lets the shadow dissolve into wisps that start to rotate around the enemy and in some cases (about 25%) eventually merging into their head. It takes a while for the shadows to dissipate but until it happens the poor guy cannot think straight or concentrate. It usually takes only few rounds until the shadows dissipate.

Dependencies: advanced shadow of misfortune

Improved Confusing Shadow

The confusing power of nightblade shadow is now more powerful. Whenever an enemy hits her shadow they feel the confusion more strongly. The chance for an enemy to become caught in the confusing shadows increases to 50%.

Dependencies: confusing shadow

Extended Confusing Shadow

Each time an enemy hits nightblade's shadow and suffers the confusing effect it now lasts twice as long as before.

Dependencies: improved confusing shadow

Enhanced Confusing Shadow

Nightblade's shadow confusing power grows steadily. Each time an enemy hits her shadow, the confusion is almost automatic.

Dependencies: extended confusing shadow

Advanced Confusing Shadow

Whenever an enemy hits nightblade's shadow, the confusing power embedded in the shadow is so powerful that it lingers for much, much longer than normal. In fact even orders of magnitude more.

Dependencies: enhanced confusing shadow

Freezing Shadow

Shadow is often embodiment of winter. Actually of cold in general. And nightblade is able to make this idea come true. When she creates her shadow images or decoys, she makes the shadow embodiment of cold. And the poor opponent who hits such decoy feels the bite of essence of cold. The effect for the opponent feel similar as hitting through shield of darkness but much more concentrated. And having their own shield of darkness doesn't help here.

Dependencies: advanced shadow of misfortune

Improved Freezing Shadow

Nightblade can now make her freezing shadow noticeably more powerful. The damage the enemy receives by hitting the shadow increases by 25%.

Dependencies: freezing shadow

Extended Freezing Shadow

Not only does hitting nightblade's freezing shadow hurt but it also causes a lingering effect that makes the enemy more vulnerable to cold. It is not much at the beginning but repeatedly hitting freezing shadows accumulates the vulnerability up to a point. The maximum resistance penalty enemy can incurr for hitting nightblade's freezing shadow depends on her level.

Dependencies: improved freezing shadow

Enhanced Freezing Shadow

Nightblade can now make her shadow's cold cling to the enemy better. The resistance penalty accumulates twice as fast as before.

Dependencies: extended freezing shadow

Advanced Freezing Shadow

The freezing power of nightblade's shadow increases even further. Nightblade is now able to put so much power into her shadows that it causes 25% more damage than before.

Dependencies: enhanced freezing shadow

Depressing Shadow

Darkness and shadows are a synonym for depression for many. Nightblade can tap into this perception and create shadow decoys that look extremely depressing to anyone who enters them, even if for a short moment only. Each time an enemy hits her shadow they have 25% chance they will be afflicted by depression, as if nightblade cast her enchant of the same name on them.

Dependencies: advanced confusing shadow

Improved Depressing Shadow

Nightblade has learned how to make her shadows even more depressing. Each time an enemy hits the shadow, the chance of becoming depressed increases to 50% for them.

Dependencies: depressing shadow

Extended Depressing Shadow

The depression from nightblade's shadows is now much worse. It has the same effect but it now takes longer to recover from it.

Dependencies: improved depressing shadow

Enhanced Depressing Shadow

Nightblade is now able to create even more depressing shadows. Each time enemy hits her shadow the depression is almost automatic. Before accounting for resistence to enchanting, of course.

Dependencies: extended depressing shadow

Advanced Depressing Shadow

Nightblade's shadow has become essence of depression. When an enemy hits the shadow, not only does it trigger depression effect but it also has much greater chance to actually penetrate resistence to enchantments and stick on them.

Dependencies: enhanced depressing shadow

Engulfing Shadow

The spell Shadow Vendetta works by manipulating shadows. Nightblade with sufficient knowledge of shadow illusions can expand the power of her spell quite impressively. She can create multiple illusions of herself while casting the spell and each illusion actually seems to cast the spell. As she can routinely create up to nine images of herself while casting a spell she can make it seem like she actually casts nine extra spells but only about one in ten of the extras actually hits the target. The extra spells are illusions so they actually work against the mind. Also they are not completely convincing so the effect is at most half of the original spell. To create engulfing shadows also has its costs. Nightblade has to pay 20% more for her spells when she wants to engulf her victim with shadow images of her spells.

Dependencies: advanced confusing shadow + advanced shadow cover + advanced leave shadows behind + advanced freezing shadow

Improved Engulfing Shadow

Nightblade can now aim the extra copies of Shadow Vendetta better. She can now aim about one in eight of the extras successfully.

Dependencies: engulfing shadow

Extended Engulfing Shadow

The copied Shadow Vendetta spells become more convincing as nightblade gains experience. The copies now deal about three quarters of the damage of the original spell.

Dependencies: improved engulfing shadow

Enhanced Engulfing Shadow

When nightblade casts Shadow Vendetta and its copies, she can successfully aim about one in seven of the extra copies.

Dependencies: extended engulfing shadow

Advanced Engulfing Shadow

Nightblade has mastered her shadow illusion powers to such a degree that when she creates shadow copies of Shadow Vendetta, she is able to successfully aim about one in five of the copies.

Dependencies: enhanced engulfing shadow

Shadow Spell

Nightblade has gained such a mastery of shadows that she can now emulate certain spells without actually casting them. It requires half as much more mana than normal but she can emulate shadow-based spells even in places where magic doesn't normally work or when she wouldn't be able to cast spells for whatever other reason. The following spells can be simulated with shadow spell: aura of night, condense darkness, dark binding, darken eyes, dark penetration, night ritual, shadow vendetta, sight of darkness, sign of darkness, veil of darkness and wisdom of darkness.

Dependencies: advanced engulfing shadow

Improved Shadow Spell

Nightblade can use shadows to emulate her spells more efficiently. She doesn't need to pay any extra mana for shadow spells.

Dependencies: shadow spell

Extended Shadow Spell

Nightblade has learned how to emulate spells with shadows more effectively. She is now able to manipulate shadows significantly faster. It takes 20% shorter to recover from the effort of using shadow spell than if she were casting the spell normally.

Dependencies: improved shadow spell

Enhanced Shadow Spell

Nightblade can now manipulate shadows to emulate spells with ease. She no longer needs to pay any extra mana and she can do it faster, too. The recovery period after using shadow spell is shortened by further 25%.

Dependencies: extended shadow spell

Advanced Shadow Spell

Nightblade has mastered shadow spells. She can now create shadow versions of her spells easier than when casting them normally, she only need 50% of the mana required to cast those spells as normal magic.

Dependencies: enhanced shadow spell

Empower Shadows

Nightblade was long watching shadows during the day with sadness in her heart. She can wreak havoc during the night when shadows are deep but shadows during the day were not powerful enough. Not anymore. She can now empower existing day shadows so she can draw power from them almost as if it was night. This works best in dark places where she can utilize both dark channel and shadow link at half the power of real night. In other enclosed spaces, like caves or tunnels, she can still use shadow link this way. Empowering shadows requires nightblade to concentrate on her spells more, increasing casting time of her spells by 20%.

Dependencies: advanced shadow spell

Improved Empower Shadows

Nightblade is now able to empower shadows around her more efficiently. She doesn't need to concentrate that much, the casting time of her spells is now increased by 10% only.

Dependencies: empower shadows

Extended Empower Shadows

Nightblade has learned better way to empower shadows. She can now use most shadows as if they were shrouded in darkness. All caves, tunnels and other enclosed spaces are dark enough for nightblade to use shadow link to full extend there, as if it was night.

Dependencies: improved empower shadows

Enhanced Empower Shadows

There are plenty of shadows in enclosed spaces but there are also shadows outside. Most of the time, however, those shadows are too isolated to provide enough power for nightblade. But if the sun is obscured by dark clouds, she is able to use the shadows cast by clouds to connect darker shadows together. In stormy weather there are enough shadows for nightblade to use her shadow link to the full potential.

Dependencies: extended empower shadows

Advanced Empower Shadows

There is always night somewhere in the world. And if it is dark enough, nightblade can connect to that place where it is night at the moment and use her link to the night. As the link is long and tenuous, it is not as powerful as if she is shrouded in night herself but it still provides noticeable amounts of mana, about half as much as during real night. This only works in places where it is totally dark without light sources, not in caves or other enclosed spaces with some, however weak, ambient light.

Dependencies: enhanced empower shadows


Gone are the days when nightblade had to wait for darkness to set. She can now create her own, personal darkness. She can shroud any place in darkness for a short while and enjoy all the benefits thus gained.

Dependencies: advanced empower shadows

Improved Darkness

Nightblade can now cast darkness around her easier. Manacost of her darkness spell decreases by 10%.

Dependencies: darkness

Extended Darkness

When nightblade casts darkness, it now lasts 50% longer.

Dependencies: improved darkness

Enhanced Darkness

Nightblade can now draw shadows from all around the place. When casting darkness she needs to pay 25% less mana than before.

Dependencies: extended darkness

Advanced Darkness

Sometimes it is useful to blanket greater area in darkness. With this modification nightblade can affect not only the room she is in but also all adjacent rooms and rooms adjacent to them. This way the darkness becomes most persistent in the epicenter, just where she casts the spell. The darkness in the center lasts three times as long, in the adjacent rooms it lasts normal time and in the rooms at the edge of affected area it lasts half the normal duration.

Dependencies: enhanced darkness