Living Graveyard

Animating a corpse in the form of standardized undead is all good and well but those undead tend to be on the weaker side. It is possible, however, to partially summon the imprint of the original soul that used to inhabit that body. When necromancer does so, the animated minion becomes a bit stronger, based on the original level of the creature. Unfortunately this extra power slowly dissipates as the original soul drifts further away from this world.


Improved Living Graveyard

Necromancer has learned how to better summon the original power of the corpse when animating an undead minion. The bonus from original level increases by 25%.

Dependencies: living graveyard

Extended Living Graveyard

The extra bonus from dark summoning no longer dissipates over time.

Dependencies: improved living graveyard

Enhanced Living Graveyard

When animating a corpse from a spellcaster, the animated minion retains some rudimentary spellcasting ability of the original creature. The imprint of the original soul is fragile, however, so do not expect any mighty spellslinger. When animating an undead minion from the corpse of a fighter, the minion retains some of the fighting prowess of the original creature in the form of damage-enhancing skills.

Dependencies: extended living graveyard

Advanced Living Graveyard

Necromancer can now summon much stronger image of the original soul. The bonus from Dark Summoning doubles.

Dependencies: enhanced living graveyard

Dark Summoning

Necromancy evolved as a form of magic involving communication with the deceased. After it became a full school of magic, necromancers started to use Death itself to do their bidding, to assist them in slaying all creatures that lay in their path. Many have thought that the original values of necromancy have been lost and that all necromancers were evil. However, amongst the legendary necromancers, some are still interested in the old ways, dedicating their lives to study old teachings, finding use for them even now. Using this new found, long forgotten skill, they are able to animate more powerful minions, improving their ability to both sustain and deal out damage. Learning this skill allows the necromancers to remove statistics limits of various undead minions they can animate. Except for Animate Dead spell which doesn't create specific kind of undead minion. The power of the animated undead is still limited by the power of the original monster whose corpse is animated. Note: +5% hp, +20hitroll, +25dam, -50ac

Dependencies: improved living graveyard

Improved Dark Summoning

Using this skill, legendary necromancers are able to animate even more powerful minions, further improving their ability to both sustain and deal out damage. Note: +10% hp, +30hit, +75dam, -200ac.

Dependencies: dark summoning

Extended Dark Summoning

Necromancer can now create much more powerful minions with his animation spells. Damroll and hitroll of her minions damroll now grows with level much faster. Note: +eff to Damroll, +eff/2 to Hitroll.

Dependencies: improved dark summoning

Enhanced Dark Summoning

Necromancer has reached such a skill level that her standard undead minions are more durable now. Their hitpoints increase by further 20% and armor improves by twice necromancer's level.

Dependencies: extended dark summoning

Advanced Dark Summoning

Necromancer's standard undead minions are now even more powerful. Their damroll further increases according to necromancer's level. Note: +eff damroll.

Dependencies: enhanced dark summoning

Unsummon Minion

This simple skill, useful to all kinds of necromancers, allows you to get rid of a minion for which you no longer have use.

Dependencies: extended living graveyard

Affect Minion

Necromancers have developed a way to cast their enchantment spells so that the enchantment not only affects the necromancer herself but also her minions. With this castmode enabled, each enchantment spell necromancer casts at herself also affects all of her undead minions, provided such spell can be cast on others. It is not for free, however. Using affect minion increases manacost of modified spells by 100%.

Dependencies: advanced living graveyard

Improved Affect Minion

Necromancer has learned how to spread her enchantments on her minions more effectively, reducing the extra manacost by half.

Dependencies: affect minion

Extended Affect Minion

Necromancer has gained sufficient understanding of effects of enchantments on her minions so she is no longer limited to spells that work on others. She can now extend even her self-only spells to affect her undead minions. Note that this is separate castmode as it increases cost of self-only spells.

Dependencies: improved affect minion

Enhanced Affect Minion

Necromancer can now spread her enchantments over her undead entourge with greater ease. The extra cost of her enchantments cast via affect minion is halved again.

Dependencies: extended affect minion

Advanced Affect Minion

Necromancer is now able to affect her undead minions almost effortlessly. The remaining extra manacost for this castmode drops by one half once more.

Dependencies: enhanced affect minion

Undead Recovery

Freshly animated undead start with extremely low hitpoints and it takes them a while to regenerate to their full hitpoints. During this time their maximum durability suffers greatly. Not only that, each time undead minion is damaged, its maximum health degrades as well. Not anymore. With this skill the degradation rate of maximum health of necromancer's undead minions decreases by 50%.

Dependencies: advanced living graveyard

Improved Undead Recovery

When necromancer animates an undead minion, it still starts at lower than maximum health. Its initial health has now been greatly increased. The time required to regenerate to full health drops by two thirds.

Dependencies: undead recovery

Extended Undead Recovery

It is always frustrating waiting for undead minions to recover when they take a beating. Necromancer is able to heal them using his own life force but that is certainly not ideal. With this skill her undead minions regenerate twice as fast when they are wounded after they initially regenerate to full health.

Dependencies: improved undead recovery

Enhanced Undead Recovery

Necromancer has learned to make the animating power of her minions more stable. It now replenishes 50% faster. In other words, regeneration rate of necromancer's undead minion increases by that much.

Dependencies: extended undead recovery

Advanced Undead Recovery

The power necromancer uses for animating her minions has become even more stable. The degradation of undead animated monsters is stopped.

Dependencies: enhanced undead recovery

Dark Lord Authority

Necromancer has learned how to assert his authority over the monsters she animated back to life. When counting how many dead monsters she can have in her entourge her level is counted as being 10 levels higher. Note that this only applies to undead animated via Animate Dead spell as other minions are extensions of her will and her authority doesn't help with it.

Dependencies: advanced animate dead

Improved Dark Lord Authority

Necromancer can now assert her authority over her undead monsters with greater force. Her level is now counted as being further 10 levels higher.

Dependencies: dark lord authority

Extended Dark Lord Authority

Necromancer has learned how to increase effect of her authority over her undead entourge. She is now counted as having additional 10 levels for the purpose of counting how many undead monsters she can control.

Dependencies: improved dark lord authority

Enhanced Dark Lord Authority

The authority of necromancer grows ever stronger. When counting how many undead monsters she can have in her entourge she is considered as being additional 10 levels higher.

Dependencies: extended dark lord authority

Advanced Dark Lord Authority

Necromancer can now command such an authority over her animated monsters that she is considered additional 20 levels higher for the purpose of computing size of her entourge.

Dependencies: enhanced dark lord authority

Animate Skeleton King

When a simple skeleton is not sufficient, necromancer can animate an extraordinarily powerful version of one. Such a monster is called skeleton king and it is indeed a paragon of animated skeletons. The powerful animating magic also creates two swords that the skeleton king puts to good use slashing anything in its path into thin slices. Controlling a skeleton king requires such level of concentration that necromancer cannot control any more undead minions at the same time.

Dependencies: advanced dark summoning

Improved Animate Skeleton King

The swords of skeleton king become imbued with life-draining magic in the form of energy drain as weaponspell.

Dependencies: animate skeleton king

Extended Animate Skeleton King

Skeleton king becomes extension of necromancer's will. It no longer requires full concentration and in fact enhances necromancer's ability to control other minions.

Dependencies: improved animate skeleton king + extended dark lord authority

Enhanced Animate Skeleton King

The necromantic magic in skeleton king's swords is now more powerful. The weaponspell is upgraded to soul drain.

Dependencies: extended animate skeleton king

Advanced Animate Skeleton King

The swords created for skeleton king are now more powerful. Not only that, their magic grows in strength, too, upgrading the weaponspell to drain life.

Dependencies: enhanced animate skeleton king

Animate Wraith Master

Wraith Master is an unusual, extremely powerful form of wraith. Not only does it bestow curse with each attack but, being incorporeal, it easily penetrates physical protections. In other words, armor doesn't reduce damage from wraith master, neither does resistance (unless victim is totally immune to crushing attacks). Due to its incorporeality wraith master is also almost immune to physical attacks and spells that do not directly affect mind. Controlling a wraith master requires full focus from the necromancer so she cannot control any more undead while controlling a wraith master.

Dependencies: advanced dark summoning

Improved Animate Wraith Master

Wraith master becomes even more incorporeal, so much so that it can even totally wink out of existence when attacked every now and then.

Dependencies: animate wraith master

Extended Animate Wraith Master

Necromancer has learned how to control wraith master more easily. She can now add entourge of wraiths to wraith master and also other types of undead minions.

Dependencies: improved animate wraith master + extended dark lord authority

Enhanced Animate Wraith Master

Wraith master is not only incorporeal but it can now assume kind of negative existence. When spell is directed at it, it is often reflected back at the caster. It applies to psychic spells as well but to a lesser degree.

Dependencies: extended animate wraith master

Advanced Animate Wraith Master

Advanced wraith master not only doesn't prevent necromancer from having entourge of wraiths but those wraiths actually empower the wraith master. The more wraiths there are and the more powerful they are, the more powerful wraith master itself becomes.

Dependencies: enhanced animate wraith master

Animate Vampire Lord

Necromancer can animate a corpse in a form of extraordinarily powerful undead, a vampire lord. Vampire lord is not known for physical strength but it more than makes for it by its powerful magical abilities. Vampire lord doesn't last long under direct attack but when it hits the enemy it directly drains their life force, not only healing its own wounds but leaving the victim weakened. And, of course, cursed. Just in case. Unfortunately, controlling a vampire lord is so demanding for the necromacer that she cannot control any more undead while vampire lord follows her.

Dependencies: advanced dark summoning

Improved Animate Vampire Lord

Vampire lord can be directed to only cast combat spells and forgo debilitating enchantments. If necromancer orders the vampire lord to growl, it would only cast combat spells. Ordering it to curse would switch back to interleaving combat spells with various curses. Implementation note: social trigger, string == {growl|curse}, actor == me.

Dependencies: animate vampire lord

Extended Animate Vampire Lord

The vampire lord's combat spells become more powerful. Implementation note: castmode chilling power, advanced upgrade. Also you are now able to control other animated creatures with the exception of legendary summons.

Dependencies: improved animate vampire lord

Enhanced Animate Vampire Lord

Vampire lord casts death ray whenever it has full hitpoints. The amount of hitpoints spent on death ray depends on necromancer's level. Vampire doesn't need anyone to be guarding it to cast death ray.

Dependencies: extended animate vampire lord

Advanced Animate Vampire Lord

Not only is vampire lord's touch cursing but from now on each attack also delivers energy drain spell. This effectively greatly increases vampire lord's replenishment of hitpoints so it can use death ray significantly more often.

Dependencies: enhanced animate vampire lord

Protection Of Underworld

Necromancer can modify his death gateway in such a way that it warps the space around it and at the end of each round it can switch positions of necromancer and one of her undead minions, causing whoever is attacking her to focus their attention on that minion instead. Activating this castmode makes death gateway more expensive to cast and cost more to keep it open.

Dependencies: extended dark summoning + extended animate dead

Improved Protection Of Underworld

The gateway now warps the space around it even more. The chance to exchange positions with necromancer's minion increases by 50%.

Dependencies: protection of underworld

Extended Protection Of Underworld

Necromancer can dedicate a specific undead minion to be used by gateway for exchanging places. Implementation note: override 'point' social.

Dependencies: improved protection of underworld

Enhanced Protection Of Underworld

Necromancer's gateway now switches places between necromancer and her undead minions more often. The chance to exchange positions increases by further 50%.

Dependencies: extended protection of underworld

Advanced Protection Of Underworld

The space around necromancer's gateway is now so warped that the exchange happens at the end of every round.

Dependencies: enhanced protection of underworld

Boost Undead

Necromancer can use her own life force to significantly increase power of her undead minions for a short time. Necromancer can cast this spell on her minion and sacrifice some hitpoints in the same way as with death ray spell and power of the boost is based on the sacrificed amount. The boost increases minion's damage-dealing potential and also slightly increases ability to successfully hit.

Dependencies: enhanced affect minion + extended protection of underworld

Improved Boost Undead

Necromancer can focus part of the boost to defense. Boosting defense is more difficult, however, so defensive power of the boost doesn't grow that fast. Not to mention that it only defends against magical attacks.

Dependencies: boost undead

Extended Boost Undead

The boost necromancer creates with his life force no longer dissipates so quickly. It can now last up to 50% longer than before.

Dependencies: improved boost undead

Enhanced Boost Undead

Necromancer is now able to utilize her life force more efficiently when creating the boost. Offensive boost is more powerful and defensive boost adds bonus to physical and elemental resistances. The law of diminishing returns applies to resistance bonus as well.

Dependencies: extended boost undead

Advanced Boost Undead

Necromancer has learned how to make the boost for her undead minions last even longer. The duration of the boost is now doubled.

Dependencies: enhanced boost undead

Reanimate Undead

Normally when a corpse is animated and the undead monster is destroyed it cannot be animated again. Not anymore. Reanimate allows the necromancer to animate fallen undead once more. This second-hand corpse is not anywhere near as durable as original, it's maximum hitpoints are only one quarter of what it would be with fresh corpse. Note that this only applies for corpses animated with animate dead as corpses used for other animation spells are irrevocably changed. Also when reanimated undead is destroyed, the corpse turns to dust so it cannot be reanimated for the third time.

Dependencies: advanced dark lord authority + advanced undead recovery

Improved Reanimate Undead

Necromancer can now reanimate undead monsters more effectively. When she does so, the hitpoints of reanimated monster are increased by 25%.

Dependencies: reanimate undead

Extended Reanimate Undead

Reanimated undead become even more durable with this upgrade. Hitpoints of reanimated undead are increased by further 33%.

Dependencies: improved reanimate undead

Enhanced Reanimate Undead

Necromancer has gained even greater skill in reanimating undead monsters. Hitpoints of reanimated undead are increased by additional 50%.

Dependencies: extended reanimate undead

Advanced Reanimate Undead

Necromancer has perfected reanimation art. When her reanimated undead monster is destroyed it no longer turns into dust and necromancer can reanimate it again and again. Note that this is new spell, and much more expensive at that.

Dependencies: enhanced reanimate undead

Mass Boost Undead

Necromancer often uses multiple undead minions in her entourge and bosting each of them separately would be unrealistic. With Mass Boost Undead she can confer her boost to all of them at once, albeit not strongly as when directed at specific minion. The boost is split among all minions and the resulting power decreases depending on the number of minions affected. Two minions receive 70% of the boost each, three 40% each, four 25% and five or more 15% each.

Dependencies: extended boost undead

Improved Mass Boost Undead

Necromancer has learned how to better distribute her boost among her minions. Each minion now receives 10 percentage points higher boost than before.

Dependencies: mass boost undead

Extended Mass Boost Undead

Necromancer can now distribute undead boost even better among her undead entourge. Each minion now receives additional 10 percentage points more than before.

Dependencies: improved mass boost undead

Enhanced Mass Boost Undead

With increased knowledge of mass boost, necromancer can spread her boost better among larger number of minions. If she has three or more minions, each gets additional 20 percentage points higher boost than before.

Dependencies: extended mass boost undead

Advanced Mass Boost Undead

Necromancer now knows much better how to spread her lifeforce to boost her minions. Each minion (even if there are only two) now receives additional 10 percentage points higher boost than before.

Dependencies: enhanced mass boost undead

Necromancer has learned how to apply principles of mass boost undead to flow of life force created by draining spells. Each time she drains life energy from an enemy, not only does she gain that life but her undead minions are healed by the energy flow a bit. They receive one tenth as much hitpoints as necromancer from the energy flow. Enabling this castmode increases manacost of necromancer's draining spells by 10%.

Dependencies: advanced mass boost undead

Necromancer has learned how to better control the flow of life energy triggered by her draining spells. Her minions now heal 20% of drained life.

Dependencies: dark link

Necromancer can now control the flow of life energy triggered by her draining spells easier. The extra manacost incurred by using this castmode drops by one fifth.

Dependencies: improved dark link

The control over flow of life energy allows necromancer to let her minions receive 30% of life force that she ultimately receives, without her actually sacrificing any.

Dependencies: extended dark link

The ratio of life force that heals necromancer's undead minions with each draining spell increases to 50%.

Dependencies: enhanced dark link

Negative Energy Boost

Necromancers has learned how to apply principles boost undead to keep theirs followers high on hitpoints. By utilizing the negative energy that is required to summon this followers they can transfer a little more of their life energy to them. Of course to do this, there must be a lot of negative energy all around the place. You need to open portal to underworld to get this energy flowing all around and then and only then it can be successful. This skill increase amount of lifetransfer by 20%.

Dependencies: advanced boost undead + advanced dark link

Improved Negative Energy Boost

Lifetransfer amount is increased by another 20%

Dependencies: negative energy boost

Extended Negative Energy Boost

Lifetransfer amount is increased by another 20%

Dependencies: improved negative energy boost

Enhanced Negative Energy Boost

Lifetransfer amount is increased by another 20%

Dependencies: extended negative energy boost

Advanced Negative Energy Boost

Lifetransfer amount is increased by another 20%.

Dependencies: enhanced negative energy boost

Master Of Negative Energy Boost

Necromancers that masters the ability of mass boost undead can also use this principles to boost negative energy in such way, that he can not only heal primary target of lifetransfer skill but also all the others followers. Beware that other followers than target will be only healed by 50% of amount.

Dependencies: advanced negative energy boost + advanced mass boost undead

Animate Ghost Dragon

Necromancer is now close to the pinnacle of powers of animation. She can now animate corpse of a dragon in a form that takes some of the best of the dragon powers and combines it with powers of the undeath. A Ghost Dragon. Ghost dragon is partly incorporeal so it can often bypass damage reduction granted by armor and about one quarter of its attacks ignore physical resistance (unless the victim is completely or almost immune to physical damage). And as a dragon, of course, it can deal quite a lot of damage. As its name suggests, this spell can only animate corpses of dragons.

Dependencies: advanced dark link + enhanced animate wraith master + enhanced animate vampire lord + enhanced animate skeleton king

Improved Animate Ghost Dragon

Necromancer has learned how to improve her ghost dragon. The dragon now retains even more of its draconic powers, specifically it can now use breath weapon. Being an undead, its breath weapon is always cold-based.

Dependencies: animate ghost dragon

Extended Animate Ghost Dragon

This upgrade increases power of dragon's attacks (except breath) by 20%.

Dependencies: improved animate ghost dragon

Enhanced Animate Ghost Dragon

The ghost dragon necromancer animates is now even more powerful. Its breath weapon's power grows by 50%.

Dependencies: extended animate ghost dragon

Advanced Animate Ghost Dragon

Ghost dragon animated with this upgrade can use its breath weapon every round. Not only that, each time it hits the enemy, it drains some of the wound and thus heals itself. And to add insult to injury, its attacks bestow curse on the opponent.

Dependencies: enhanced animate ghost dragon

Dracolich Transformation

Ghost dragon is extremely powerful minion but necromancer can reach even beyond that. Using another dragon corpse, necromancer can merge a ghost dragon with that other corpse to create an ultimate undead dragon, a dracolich. Dracolich is almost impossible to kill as when it dies it simply rises again. As if it wasn't enough, dracolich is powerful necromancer in its own right. Unfortunately, it cannot breathe and cast a spell at the same time. All good things come to an end eventually, however, and so does dracolich transformation. The spell has limited, albeit significant, duration, and when the duration runs out, the dracolich reverts back to ghost dragon.

Dependencies: advanced animate ghost dragon + advanced reanimate undead

Improved Dracolich Transformation

Improved dracolich is no longer limited in spellcasting while using breath weapon but it can only breathe while spellcasting once every few rounds.

Dependencies: dracolich transformation

Extended Dracolich Transformation

The duration of dracolich transformation is doubled.

Dependencies: improved dracolich transformation

Enhanced Dracolich Transformation

The dracolich can now completely ignore limits on using breath weapon and spell at the same time. It can breathe and cast a spell every round.

Dependencies: extended dracolich transformation

Advanced Dracolich Transformation

The power of dracolich now grows with the power of the corpse used for the transformation. Also the duration increases if extremely powerful corpse is used for the transformation.

Dependencies: enhanced dracolich transformation