Corpse Handling

command getcorpse allows to get corpse from ground and count it as if its weight is only 1/4 as long as player has it in inventory


Freshen Corpse

reset corpse decay timer (some skills/spells do not work with conserved corpses)

Dependencies: corpse handling


25% bonus to: conserved corpse weight reduction, preservation time bonus, hit gain bonus

Dependencies: corpse handling

Improved Preservation

additional +25% bonus

Dependencies: preservation

Extended Preservation

additional +25% bonus

Dependencies: improved preservation

Enhanced Preservation

additional +25% bonus

Dependencies: extended preservation

drain corpse to get affect with following effect: if gateway is collapsing, restore it for some mana, can use conserved corpses

Dependencies: extended preservation

Corpse Raising

followers gain better resist/saving/dam/hit

Dependencies: enhanced preservation

Improved Corpse Raising

better resist/saving/dam/hit

Dependencies: corpse raising

Extended Corpse Raising

better resist/saving/dam/hit

Dependencies: improved corpse raising

Enhanced Corpse Raising

better resist/saving/dam/hit

Dependencies: extended corpse raising

Power From Dead Mastery

+15% bonus to pfd + save para (min -1, max -(floor(eff-100/5))-1, saving bonus applies only when corpse is nonconserved and relatively fresh (decreases with corpse age)

Dependencies: advanced power from dead

Window To Underworld

drain corpse to get shadowcast effect for corpselevel/20 hours, requires corpse up to 30 seconds old

Dependencies: power from dead mastery

Improved Window To Underworld

required corpse freshness increased to 180s

Dependencies: window to underworld

Extended Window To Underworld

increased duration for window to underworld +20%

Dependencies: improved window to underworld

Enhanced Window To Underworld

shadowcast skill tested 3x to allow greater chance of shadowcast mode

Dependencies: extended window to underworld

Advanced Window To Underworld

can use conserved corpse instead of fresh one, removes time limit when used on conserved corpse

Dependencies: enhanced window to underworld + corpse likeness + preservation mastery

Corpse Likeness

extract appearance from a corpse to boost pretend death effect to act as protection from evil but against undead instead of evil mobs

Dependencies: freshen corpse + extended window to underworld

Corpse Explosion

explode corpse into fire/crush areaspell, only nonconserved, up to 200 seconds old, damage 200DX where X is level of the corpse.

Dependencies: enhanced power of dead

Improved Corpse Explosion

increased damage by 50%

Dependencies: corpse explosion

Extended Corpse Explosion

corpse age limit increased to 1200 seconds

Dependencies: improved corpse explosion

Enhanced Corpse Explosion

increased damage by additional 50%

Dependencies: extended corpse explosion

Advanced Corpse Explosion

increased damage by additional 50%, corpse age limit removed

Dependencies: enhanced corpse explosion + lasting decay

Corpse Shield

create a shield from non-conserved corpse not older than 200 seconds, the same conditions as corpse armor, base duration 100% greater than that of corpse armor

Dependencies: advanced window to underworld

Improved Corpse Shield

+50% soaked hp

Dependencies: corpse shield

Extended Corpse Shield

+100% duration

Dependencies: improved corpse shield

Enhanced Corpse Shield

corpse age limit removed

Dependencies: extended corpse shield + improved corpse armor

Advanced Corpse Shield

+100% soaked hp

Dependencies: enhanced corpse shield + enhanced corpse armor

Power Of Dead Mastery

+10% chance, +10% dam bonus

Dependencies: advanced power of dead + extended corpse explosion

Corpse Armor

create an armor from non-conserved corpse not older than 200 seconds, this armor soaks damage until its internal hp (doesn't provide hp bonus to wearer!) are depleted, then the armor is useless, soaked hp depends on corpse level, armor has limited duration (objtimer)

Dependencies: advanced window to underworld + corpse raising mastery

Improved Corpse Armor

+50% soaked hp

Dependencies: corpse armor

Extended Corpse Armor

+50% duration

Dependencies: improved corpse armor

Enhanced Corpse Armor

still requires non-conserved corpse but corpse age is now unlimited

Dependencies: extended corpse armor + improved corpse shield

Advanced Corpse Armor

+50% soaked hp and duration

Dependencies: enhanced corpse armor + enhanced corpse shield

Lasting Decay

enchant corpse, as long as corpse is enchanted, it doesn't increase its objtimer (very handy for spells which require fresh corpse)

Dependencies: improved corpse armor + improved corpse shield

Corpse Teleportation

summon corpse of a player, the same limits as when summoning player, drains mana equal to corpse weight x 1.5, only in the same zone

Dependencies: lasting decay

Improved Corpse Teleportation

mana drain only 1 x corpse weight

Dependencies: corpse teleportation

Extended Corpse Teleportation

limits as in powersummon

Dependencies: improved corpse teleportation

Enhanced Corpse Teleportation

mana drain only 0.75 x corpse weight

Dependencies: extended corpse teleportation

Advanced Corpse Teleportation

same zone limit removed

Dependencies: enhanced corpse teleportation + paths of the dead

Paths Of The Dead

drain corpse to teleport to room where mob has been killed, only non-conserved corpse

Dependencies: extended corpse teleportation

Universal Corpse Armor

corpse armor wearable by others but causes violent vomitting which prevents spellcasting and inhibits skills (like curse)

Dependencies: advanced corpse armor

Corpse Liking

prevent vomitting from universal corpse armor

Dependencies: universal corpse armor


With the knowledge of death energies within corpses the necromancer is now able to use a mummified corpse to revive a fallen comrade. The spell finds a mummified corpse in necromancer's inventory and consumes it to work its magic. The corpse must be from a monster of higher level than the player to be revived but the spell picks the smallest of those if necromancer has more of them. I.e. if necromancer is trying to revive a player with effective level of 135, the spell requires mummified corpse of a monster of level at least 136. If necromancer has corpses from monsters of levels 120, 140 and 160, the spell uses the one from level 140 because 120 is too low and 140 is the lowest that is sufficient. Also, this only works for a short time, the player must be dead for less than 30 seconds for the spell to work. The revived character returns to life with 19% of hitpoints, just about safe from reaper spell.

Dependencies: advanced corpse teleportation

Improved Revive

Increases the hitpoints of revived player by extra 11% of maxhp.

Dependencies: revive

Extended Revive

Increases the hitpoints of revived player by extra 15% of maxhp.

Dependencies: improved revive

Enhanced Revive

Increases the hitpoints of revived player by extra 25% of maxhp.

Dependencies: extended revive

Advanced Revive

Increases the hitpoints of revived player by extra 30% of maxhp. If all upgrades succeed then with this skill the character would be revived with full hitpoints. In that case mana and move are also restored and lost exp (or sickness duration) is halved.

Dependencies: enhanced revive

Mass Revive

With the revive spell the necromancer can bring back fallen comrade from death. But if there are more of them fallen, it can take a while to revive them all and the clock is ticking. After all, the time to force the soul back into the corpse and restore the life force is limited. With mass revive there is no need to worry who to revive first and who may be too late. Mass revive attempts to revive all player corpses in the room, as long as the necromancer has sufficient number of mummified corpses at hand. The spell selects the mummified corpses the same way as the standard revive spell. It starts reviving players from the highest level. It doesn't matter as long as the necromancer has enough mummified corpses to revive the whole group but if they are few mummified corpses short then the most powerful group members are revived first, for better chance of further survival.

Dependencies: revive