Verdant Lord

As the druid becomes more attuned to the ever-present life force of vegetation, he can utilize the harmonic energy flows of that life force when casting her spells. This allows her to cast her spells more efficiently, using less mana in environments where plant life is abundant. This is obviously most effective in the forest where trees are giant reservoirs of plant life force. But forest is not the only environment. The druid can draw on the life essence of mosses and lichens and those are found pretty much everywhere, although their essence is nowhere near as strong as that of a mighty oak. This reduces manacost of her spells in the forest by 5%, by 4% in all other natural terrains and by 3% in towns. Yes, there is plant life even in towns.


Improved Verdant Lord

As druid improves her attunement to vegetation, she can draw a bit more on its reserves. This skill improves manacost reduction by one point in all environments.

Dependencies: verdant lord

Extended Verdant Lord

Druid has now extended her awareness of the life force of all vegetation to a greater level. The can draw on those reserves even further, improving manacost reduction by additional two points.

Dependencies: improved verdant lord

Enhanced Verdant Lord

The Verdant Lord has reached enhanced understanding of plant life. In the forest she can draw on the surrounding energies to reduce manacost of her spells by extra four points. In other natural terrains the reduction goes up by three points and in man-made settings by two.

Dependencies: extended verdant lord

Advanced Verdant Lord

The Verdant Lord is now fully aware of the latent background energies of plant life. When she casts spells in the forest, her spells are cheaper by further five points. In other natural terrains the reduction grows by four points and in man-made settings by three.

Dependencies: enhanced verdant lord

Impaling Thorns

Druid calls upon the life force of local plants, lichen or moss, whatever is around, and commands it to burst into massive thorns that impale her victim. This attack is extremely fast and comes from multiple directions so it can hit even most agile enemies. Furthermore, the thorns entrap the victim for a brief period, reducing victim's armor for next few attacks. The effect only last for few attacks because those attacks also break the thorns. Also, while victim is entrapped by thorns, it cannot run away.

Dependencies: advanced verdant lord

Improved Impaling Thorns

The druid is now able to improve the precision of the thorns, hitting more vulnerable spots and hence increasing the damage as the victim is impaled.

Dependencies: impaling thorns

Extended Impaling Thorns

The thorns that spring from local flora are now stronger at the tip, extending how deep they reach into the victim. This makes them last longer before they break off.

Dependencies: improved impaling thorns

Enhanced Impaling Thorns

The thorns that spring from the local flora become even stronger all over, making it even harder for the victim to defend effectively.

Dependencies: extended impaling thorns

Advanced Impaling Thorns

The druid can now command the local flora to burst into much stronger and sharper thorns than before. The impaling thorns now deal more damage.

Dependencies: enhanced impaling thorns

Crushing Kudzu

Druid commands local plant life to sprout long vines that quickly crawl all over victim and squeeze tighly, crushing the victim. The vines wither almost as quickly as they disappear but the damage is already done by then. The withered vines are highly flammable so the first fire attack after kudzu crushes the victim is 50% more powerful. It needs to happen very soon, however, before the withered vines fall off completely.

Dependencies: advanced verdant lord

Improved Crushing Kudzu

The druid has learned to more precisely command the local plant life, causing her crushing kudzu to squeeze harder. This results in extra 10% damage when victim is crushed by the strong vines.

Dependencies: crushing kudzu

Extended Crushing Kudzu

When crushing kudzu squeezes the victim and withers, the remains now last a bit longer, giving more opportunity to ignite them and burn the victim to crisp.

Dependencies: improved crushing kudzu

Enhanced Crushing Kudzu

The remnants of crushing kudzu now wither much more quickly and, more importantly, more thoroughly, making for significantly more flammable material. When it is ignited by a fire attack, the boost to this fire attack is 50% more powerful than before. Note that this is not +50% to damage of the attack itself, only the boost from kudzu.

Dependencies: extended crushing kudzu

Advanced Crushing Kudzu

The advanced version of crushing kudzu gains extra crushing power. When it squeezes the victim it causes additional 10% damage.

Dependencies: enhanced crushing kudzu

Noxious Pollen

Verdant Lord can imbue the local flora with irresistible urge to flower, regardless of it's typical behavior. This way the druid can make the flora to rapidly bloom and release the newly-created pollen, creating a cloud of poisonous dust. Given that this poison is the result of a rapid bloom, it acts fast and then dissipates just as fast, leaving only injured enemies in its wake.

Dependencies: advanced verdant lord

Improved Noxious Pollen

The noxious pollen released from blooming flora has improved potency, dealing extra damage.

Dependencies: noxious pollen

Extended Noxious Pollen

As the druid learns to control this effect better, the noxious pollen causes a lingering irritation in mouth and nose, making it harder to express verbal commands, like orders to attack or calling for help.

Dependencies: improved noxious pollen

Enhanced Noxious Pollen

The noxious pollen released by forced blooming becomes even more powerful, dealing extra damage.

Dependencies: extended noxious pollen

Advanced Noxious Pollen

The pollen released from forced bloom has even more power now, adding extra damage potential.

Dependencies: enhanced noxious pollen

Poison Ivy

Druid commands the local plants to grow and expand, entangling a victim in a thorny poison ivy. The thorny filaments slash the victim's skin and, just as importantly, are covered in powerful fast-acting poison that damages by mere touch. This poison also causes brief convulsions of random muscles, making it harder for the victim to perform the intricate movements required for spellcasting. Just as the poison acts very swiftly, it also dissipates quickly so it only interferes with spellcasting for short time.

Dependencies: advanced verdant lord

Improved Poison Ivy

The druid has learned how to produce improved poison with its poison ivy. It acts just as fast but is more powerful.

Dependencies: poison ivy

Extended Poison Ivy

The lingering poison that remains in victim's system after poison ivy attack becomes a bit more durable.

Dependencies: improved poison ivy

Enhanced Poison Ivy

The poison delivered by poison ivy is enhanced further, delivering extra damage to the victim.

Dependencies: extended poison ivy

Advanced Poison Ivy

The poison from an advanced poison ivy is even more powerful.

Dependencies: enhanced poison ivy

Entangling Vines

While vines are generally not taken as super strong, they can still interfere with combat. Furthermore, the druid is able to command even miniscule forms of plant life to rapidly grow and form vines that wrap around the target and entangle it in a green mass. This entanglement temporarily restricts target's movements, weakening its attacks. Unfortunately, as the victim fights, it tears through the vines until it eventually frees itself.

Dependencies: advanced crushing kudzu + advanced impaling thorns

Improved Entangling Vines

Improved vines are more capable at restricting victim's movement. The victim's attacks are even weaker.

Dependencies: entangling vines

Extended Entangling Vines

The druid has learned how to make the vines more resilient. They still don't last very long but restrict more attacks than before.

Dependencies: improved entangling vines

Enhanced Entangling Vines

Enhanced vines are slightly more powerful. They can limit full power of victim's attacks further, reducing their attack power even more.

Dependencies: extended entangling vines

Advanced Entangling Vines

The vines have been upgraded to an advanced form that can, under good circumstances, prevent the victim from executing an attack completely. The circumstances align perfectly only rarely but still, its some more damage the victim cannot deal.

Dependencies: enhanced entangling vines

Call Treant

Druid calls upon the ever-present essence of plant life, causing the miniscule plants in the air to coalesce into a form of a walking tree, a treant. Unfortunately, the treant requires constant refreshing by exciting the plant life energies. This is easily achieved by casting plant spells but each round when the druid does not cast at least one plant spell the treant weakens until it withers away after five rounds without refresh. If it withers only partially then each round when the druid does cast a plant spell it regrows a bit until it is back at full strength.

Dependencies: advanced crushing kudzu + advanced poison ivy + advanced impaling thorns

Improved Call Treant

The treant that druid calls into existence becomes more powerful. It assists the druid in combat not only by swinging the powerful branches it has for arms but also enticing other local plant life into random acts of violence against druid's enemies. These effects generally duplicate effects of druid's plant-based combat spells but are nowhere near as powerful.

Dependencies: call treant

Extended Call Treant

When the druid asks the tiny plants in the area to form a treant, she can direct them more precisely, forming a treat that is more powerful than before.

Dependencies: improved call treant

Enhanced Call Treant

This skill represents additional enhancements to the treant. The treant doesn't induce just random violence from local plants but can direct it with some purpose, selecting the effects that tend to have the highest value against its current target.

Dependencies: extended call treant

Advanced Call Treant

A treant created with this skill is even more powerful. It can produce much stronger effects than before when it triggers plant violence.

Dependencies: enhanced call treant

Nudging Kudzu

While its name doesn't sound especially dangerous, a nudging kudzu is especially nasty plant. It feeds off the tiny wounds and bruises that animals suffer when they move through ground foliage and bump into bushes and trees. It usually grows in large patches along all both sides of animal paths and it ensures it has enough food by nudging passing animals a bit so they bump to path walls more often. The druid is able to command even tiny plants to quickly grow into much nastier form of this nudging kudzu where it loosely wraps itself around the victim, looking harmless enough until a melee attack is about to hit the victim. Then it nudges the victim slightly to push it in the way of the attack, ensuring the attack hits harder than it normally would. Unfortunately, as the kudzu itself is often in the line of attack, it doesn't last long.

Dependencies: advanced entangling vines

Improved Nudging Kudzu

The improved nudging kudzu can better feel the incoming attacks so it can nudge the victim into the path of the attack a bit more precisely.

Dependencies: nudging kudzu

Extended Nudging Kudzu

The nudging kudzu usually doesn't last long in combat. With this upgrade it's resiliency goes up a bit and it's duration is extended.

Dependencies: improved nudging kudzu

Enhanced Nudging Kudzu

The nudging kudzu now has enhanced ability to push the victim into the path of an atttack, increasing the damage the victim receives even more.

Dependencies: extended nudging kudzu

Advanced Nudging Kudzu

With advanced nudging kudzu the victim often feels not in full control of their movements. As the victim is prevented from properly mitigating the attacks, it receives additional damage.

Dependencies: enhanced nudging kudzu

Viridian Magic

Druid is in tune with all things plant. She understands plants and plants understand her. The latter part is the important one once she learns to use viridian magic, the magic of greenery. When druid casts her plant spells the power of all green things allows her to use less mana to achieve the same effect.

Dependencies: advanced crushing kudzu + advanced poison ivy + advanced impaling thorns + advanced noxious pollen

Improved Viridian Magic

As the druid gets more familiar with the concept of viridian magic, her ability to casts spells with less mana improves.

Dependencies: viridian magic

Extended Viridian Magic

Druid extends her ability to use viridian magic further, requiring even less mana for the same plant effects.

Dependencies: improved viridian magic

Enhanced Viridian Magic

Enhanced knowledge of viridian magic allows the druid to reduce mana requirements for her plant spells even more.

Dependencies: extended viridian magic

Advanced Viridian Magic

The druid has mastered the art of viridian magic, reaching the full potential with the final reduction in mana requirements for casting plant spells.

Dependencies: enhanced viridian magic

Kudzu Chains

Some monster summon other monsters to aid them in combat. Sometimes it is just a nuisance, at other times it seriously increases the danger presented by the monster. With kudzu chains the druid can turn this problem on its head. Kudzu chains are strong filaments that wrap themselves around the victim and whenever the victim summons another monster, the kudzu reaches out and wraps itself around the newly summoned monster, too, connecting it to the victim. It then tries to interfere in the movements of all connected monsters so each time one of them attacks, it attempts to yank another of the connected monsters in the path of the attack. Unfortunately, the more summoned monsters there are, the thinner the kudzu chains are stretched and the easier they snap. If the chains snap, however, they whip back at each connected victim and if the druid is around, she can direct the kudzu on subconscious level to hit the victims hard. The more minions, the more the kudzu is stretched and therefore the more it lashes back. Without the druid the kudzu just flails aimlessly before vanishing.

Dependencies: advanced nudging kudzu

Improved Kudzu Chains

While it is cool to see the enemy's minions being sliced to pieces by snapping kudzu, this works best then there are plenty of minions. The druid has learned to improve the kudzu chains to be more stretchy and therefore snap less often, allowing the enemy to summon more minions before the kudzu snaps and lashes back at all of them.

Dependencies: kudzu chains

Extended Kudzu Chains

The druid has learned to extend the lifetime of kudzu chains. It still snaps when stretched too taut but at least it won't just wither away that fast.

Dependencies: improved kudzu chains

Enhanced Kudzu Chains

When the kudzu chains snap, the enhanced filaments of the kudzu deal more damage to victims.

Dependencies: extended kudzu chains

Advanced Kudzu Chains

The advanced kudzu chains are much stronger than before. They can yank the minions around with greater force, causing them to interfere with each other and their master more often.

Dependencies: enhanced kudzu chains

Resonant Bloom

As the druid gets more attuned the the energy flows in all plant life, she can cast her spells in a way that induces a resonance in these energy flows. Sometimes this resonance is so powerful that it manifests itself as another instance of the spell the druid is casting, effectively duplicating that spell. Achieving full resonance is rare even with advanced knowledge of plant life but when it happens it inevitably comes as a nasty surprise for druid's enemies.

Dependencies: advanced nudging kudzu + advanced poison ivy + advanced noxious pollen

Improved Resonant Bloom

The druid's ability to induce a resonance in plant life energy flows has improved. She can achieve full resonance more often.

Dependencies: resonant bloom

Extended Resonant Bloom

The druid can now control the resonance in energy flows of surrounding plant life over an extended area, increasing her chance of achieving full resonance.

Dependencies: improved resonant bloom

Enhanced Resonant Bloom

When the druid casts her plant spells she can produce enhanced resonances, occasionally even tripling the spell. And the chances of doubling it grow, too.

Dependencies: extended resonant bloom

Advanced Resonant Bloom

The druid has reached an advanced understanding of resonances in plant life energies. She can now induce full resonance even more often and tripled spell is no more a stuff of legend but something every enemy of Verdant Lord rightfully dreads.

Dependencies: enhanced resonant bloom

Adaptive Plant Lifeforce

As druid reaches even higher levels of attunement to the flows of life force within plant kingdom, she can shape it to better suit her needs. She can supercharge the evolutionary forces that normally act on timescales of millions of years and make the life force to adapt to the way she is casting her spells. When she does that, she can cast her spells in harmony with this supercharged evolution and let the life force of nearby plant life finish her spells for her. This requires higher mana expenditure to reconfigure the magic but it allows the druid to start doing something else while the surrounding flora finishes her spell. This obviously only works for plant spells.

Dependencies: advanced resonant bloom + enhanced kudzu chains

Improved Adaptive Plant Lifeforce

The druid has improved understanding of plant lifeforce. Whe she uses adaptive plant lifeforce she can do it more efficiently, requiring less mana to do so.

Dependencies: adaptive plant lifeforce

Extended Adaptive Plant Lifeforce

The druid can extend her outreach to local flora, utilizing more of it to finish her plant spells. This allows her to pass the spell to nearby flora earlier in the process of casting.

Dependencies: improved adaptive plant lifeforce

Enhanced Adaptive Plant Lifeforce

The druid now has enhanced understanding of plant lifeforce. When she wants adapt local flora to help with her spells she can do it for less mana than before.

Dependencies: extended adaptive plant lifeforce

Advanced Adaptive Plant Lifeforce

The druid is now in harmony with plant lifeforce and she can pass her spells to local flora even earlier in the process of spellcasting, allowing her to do other things sooner.

Dependencies: enhanced adaptive plant lifeforce

Plant Supremacy

With the superb understanding of plant life the druid can reach levels of control previously unheard of. She can aim thorns more precisely, make pollen more noxious and wrap kudzu around weaker spots. Simply said, all her plant spells become more powerful.

Dependencies: advanced kudzu chains + advanced adaptive plant lifeforce

Improved Plant Supremacy

The power of druid's plant spells grows even more, adding further damage boost.

Dependencies: plant supremacy

Extended Plant Supremacy

Extending on previous knowledge, druid's plant supremacy grows further with more additional damage.

Dependencies: improved plant supremacy

Enhanced Plant Supremacy

The druid has reached enhanced understanding of plant power. With enhanced plant supremacy she can produce even more danage than before.

Dependencies: extended plant supremacy

Advanced Plant Supremacy

Druid's plant spells now reign truly supreme. The damage of all her plant spells received the ultimate boost.

Dependencies: enhanced plant supremacy

Moss Armor

Druids almost always roam around covered in armor of bark. This bark is generally dead by itself but it often carries patches of moss on it. Druid, as a Verdand Lord, is able to strengthen this moss and make it grow over the bark as an additional protective layer. The moss senses incoming magic attacks and when it does so, it thickens in front of the attack, weakening it by 25%. Because it requires base bark to grow upon, moss armor can only be cast when the druid is already protected by armor of bark but once moss armor is there it becomes independent of the underlying bark. As druid improves his ability to control the moss armor, it can also protect against area magic attacks and ultimately all types of attacks (like breath). Unfortunately, moss armor requires constant refreshing by exciting the plant life energies. This is easily achieved by casting plant spells but each round when the druid does not cast at least one plant spell the moss armor weakens until it withers away after five rounds without refresh. If it withers only partially then each round when the druid does cast a plant spell it regrows a bit until it is back at full strength.

Dependencies: advanced plant supremacy

Improved Moss Armor

As the druid improves her ability to control the moss armor, it can also spread all around the druid, protecting against area magic attacks.

Dependencies: moss armor

Extended Moss Armor

The druid has learned to reduce the rate of dissipation of her moss armor. The moss armor can last much longer.

Dependencies: improved moss armor

Enhanced Moss Armor

Enhanced moss armor holds together more tightly even when it spreads. It can now intercept even breath attacks.

Dependencies: extended moss armor

Advanced Moss Armor

Advanced moss armor has greater resiliency than before. It can now soak significantly more damage than before.

Dependencies: enhanced moss armor

Moss Blast

While the druid usually uses her moss armor for protection, it is not its only possible use. She can explosively disperse it all around her, creating thin mist in the area, consuming her moss armor in the process. This mist doesn't have any effect by itself but it allows the druid to sense the essence of plant life much more precisely. This, in turn, makes all her plant attacks more powerful. Obviously this mossy mist doesn't last long as the tiny bits of moss drift down to the ground. Different pieces of the moss last different amount of time so the mist gets thinner (and therefore weaker) over time before it loses cohesion altogether and disappears. But while it lasts, Verdant Lord is a terrifying opponent.

Dependencies: advanced moss armor

Improved Moss Blast

The druid has more control over the moss mist around her. She can direct it to power up her spells more efficiently, improving the damage her plant spells cause even more.

Dependencies: moss blast

Extended Moss Blast

Once druid learns this skill she can make the mossy mist more durable, extending the time it remains in the air before it dries up and dissipates.

Dependencies: improved moss blast

Enhanced Moss Blast

The druid has reached enhanced control over the mossy mist. Her plant spells have become even more powerful when cast within this mist.

Dependencies: extended moss blast

Advanced Moss Blast

When druid creates the mossy mist, it is now advanced enough that it is losing its potency at half the rate as before. When it reaches its full duration it undergoes kinda phase transition and disappears even though there is still some power left in it. It's almost as if it was a waste to not use that remaining power. Well, see also...

Dependencies: enhanced moss blast

Moss Adaptation

Nature is all about evolution and this applies to plant life just as well. The druid can supercharge this trait in her moss armor. As the moss armor absorbs incoming attacks, it learns their nature and becomes better at absorbing them. It is still a plant-based lifeform, however, and it's learning capacity is quite limited, so it only adapts to the most dangerous attacks. It adapts over time so when it is specialized to one type and it becomes attacked by another, it gradually re-adapts to the new type, forgetting the previous type in the process. Due to the nature of mental attacks, the moss armor cannot intercept those. It is an unthinking plant, after all.

Dependencies: advanced moss armor

Improved Moss Adaptation

The druid has learned how to improve the adaptive ability of her moss armor. The armor now learns a bit faster, taking less time when switching from one type of damage to another.

Dependencies: moss adaptation

Extended Moss Adaptation

The ability of druid's moss armor to adapt to incoming damage has been extended further, reducing incoming damage for all types it currently keeps track of, even those it's not fully adapted to.

Dependencies: improved moss adaptation

Enhanced Moss Adaptation

The druid's moss armor has reached enhanced level of adaptability, increasing its ability to soak damage a bit.

Dependencies: extended moss adaptation

Advanced Moss Adaptation

The moss armor the druid is wearing has now maximized its adaptivity. It now soaks even more damage of the types it is adapted to.

Dependencies: enhanced moss adaptation

Toxic Moss

Poisons are the staple of defensive powers in the plant realm. It is therefore no wonder that the druid can imbue its moss armor with poisonous qualities so whenever anyone attacks her with a melee attack, they get smeared with a fast-acting poison.

Dependencies: advanced moss armor + advanced poison ivy + advanced noxious pollen

Improved Toxic Moss

The poison delivered by the toxic moss has been improved, increasing the damage a bit.

Dependencies: toxic moss

Extended Toxic Moss

Each time an enemy hits the druid covered in toxic moss, the poison not only deals the immediate quick damage but also leaves the attacker poisoned.

Dependencies: improved toxic moss

Enhanced Toxic Moss

The druid has learned how to enhance her toxic moss to boost its toxin for even more damage to the attacker each time the druid is hit.

Dependencies: extended toxic moss

Advanced Toxic Moss

The advanced toxin produced by toxic moss further boosts the damage caused to the attacker.

Dependencies: enhanced toxic moss

Moss Explosion

Druids are very well aware that fine dust can spontaneously explode, as this is a cause for many a forest fire. When the druid fills the area with her moss, instead of letting it just disperse harmlessly when it dries and loses its power to amplify plant magic, she can let few of the bits rub together until they throw a spark. The result is a massive conflagration that burns all enemies in the area. The explosion itself is obviously not boosted by moss blast amplifying effect because there is no moss left, it is used up by the explosion. The main advantage of moss explosion, however, is the layer of moss the explosion deposits back on the verdant lord (and her treant, if she has any). This extra layer of so-called moss skin increases verdant lord's connection to nature, effectively increasing chance of triggering power of nature with plant spells by two percentage points.

Dependencies: advanced moss blast

Improved Moss Explosion

The druid can trigger the explosion with improved effect, creating bigger conflagration. Also, the moss skin created by the explosion provides even tighter connection to nature, adding extra percentage point to power of nature chance.

Dependencies: moss explosion

Extended Moss Explosion

The druid can extend her powers over her mossy mist to trigger even bigger explosion. Furthermore, the moss skin adds another percentage point to power of nature chance.

Dependencies: improved moss explosion

Enhanced Moss Explosion

The conflagration from moss explosion has now reached maximum possible power. Also, moss skin grants additional one percentage point to power of nature chance.

Dependencies: extended moss explosion

Advanced Moss Explosion

The druid is now so well attuned to plant life energies that she senses the moment the mossy mist is about to disperse. She now instinctively triggers the spark so instead of dissipating harmlessly it goes off with a bang. The moss skin generated by advanced moss explosion is also much more powerful, adding whopping five points to power of nature chance.

Dependencies: enhanced moss explosion

Consume Moss Blast

Moss is friend of druid himself. When there is lot of moss in the air his spells are not only chaper but druid can also consume this spores from the air and make them stick to the moss armor that he is wearing. When this happens moss absorbed this ways lowers the manacost of spells. This reduction is based on the amount of moss in the air. If you consume all the spores right after blast the effect will be much stronger than at the end of spores life. Beware that nature wants to always be in balance meaning that you get cheaper plant spells but all the others can be much more expensive. The cheaper the plant spells are the more expensive are the others.

Dependencies: advanced moss blast

Improved Consume Moss Blast

Stronger power.

Dependencies: consume moss blast

Extended Consume Moss Blast

Stronger power.

Dependencies: improved consume moss blast

Enhanced Consume Moss Blast

Stronger power.

Dependencies: extended consume moss blast

Advanced Consume Moss Blast

Stronger power.

Dependencies: enhanced consume moss blast

Treant Paragon

With sufficient mastery of plant magic and willingnes of the druid to share part of his soul treant can be empowered to a much highter degree, creating a treant paragon. As druid shares his soul his damage degraded by 20%. Treant paragon is a significantly more powerful version of normal treant, it's control over plants is much more precise. It doesn't unleash plant magic just willy-nilly but it does so on purpose. It also knows how to work with the moss that grows on its bark. Treant paragon also constantly regenerates itself by reabsorbing local microflora that is split from it as it takes damage. This also means that the druid cannot call upon another treant while she has treant paragon at her side. Fortunately, each druid talks to microflora in a slightly different way so multiple druids can have their own treant paragons as different segments of microflora respond to each of them.

Dependencies: advanced call treant + advanced toxic moss + moss blast

Improved Treant Paragon

Improved paragon not only assists the druid in combat but it can also protect her. Whenever the treant paragon notices that druid is under attack, it jumps in, just like warrior with guard skill.

Dependencies: treant paragon

Extended Treant Paragon

Treant paragon is now able to extend its protective abilities to the such level that when it notices a spell aiming at the druid, the treant jumps in the path of that spell and gets hit instead of the druid.

Dependencies: improved treant paragon

Enhanced Treant Paragon

When druid upgrades her treant to a treant paragon with this skill, the paragon becomes even more powerful, both physically and magically.

Dependencies: extended treant paragon

Advanced Treant Paragon

The ultimate version of treant paragon grants the treant further upgrade both physically and magically, making the treant easily a match for any non-legendary character.

Dependencies: enhanced treant paragon