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syntax: areas [sort {name|minlevel|maxlevel}] [level <number>]

This command displays list of areas currently opened, i.e. areas which are
not expected to undergo any major changes. All other areas are under
construction, so you can expect yourself to be killed without even knowing
how, why or by what when you enter such unopened area. For such deaths or
equipment losses, there will be no reparations, even if you die because of a
bug. You have been warned.

Command areas also shows recommended level range for particular area. But
this is in no way accurate, and it is not for all classes, but only for that
class the area was designed for.

It is possible to request the list to be sorted by name, minimum recommended
level or maximum recommended level, and/or show only zones recommended for
specified level (i.e. zones which include specified level in their
recommended level range). Order of sort and level keyword is not important.


To show areas recommended for level 30, sorted by their minimum recommended
> area level 30 sort minlevel

To show areas recommended for rank 4, sorted by name:
> area level 64 sort name


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