BrutusMUD help


Usage: who [-s] [-c[wtmc]] [-r[edhbomftgnrxywk]] [-g] [-h] [-m] [-i] [-o]
[-l] [-z] [level]

Lists the people currently in the game. Some people may be invisible.
Command-line options can be used to limit the listing. The parameters
can be specified on the command-line in any order.

level : list only people whose level is at or above minlev
-s : list names in the short form (column of names, with flags, without titles)
K - killer
T - thief
C - criminal
N - writing post
M - mailing
O - using olc
F - frozen
f - afk
w - afw
b - afb
r - afr (linkless)
Q - quest
m - mortal
S - summonable
B - brutality (cutting off body parts)
I - invisible
t - notell
s - noshout
G - nogossip
g - nograt
A - noauction
a - noarena
i - noinfo
D - deaf
C - clan master
U - undead
-c : next letter specifies class (Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Mage)
-r : next letter specifies race (Elf, Dwarf, Human, hoBbit, Orc, Minotaur,
Faerie, Troll, Goblin, gNome, ogRe, piXie, drYad, Wraith, mooK)
-rp: shows you who can be member of your RP group
-g : list only players who I can group
-h : list switches
-m : list mortals
-i : list immortals
-j : list criminals
-o : list players in same room as you
-l : list players in your clan
-z : list players in your zone


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