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Level: 61

Usage: users [switches]

USERS gives a list of all sockets (i.e., connections) currently active on the
MUD. The multi-column display shows the socket number (used by DC), class,
level, and name of the player connected, connection state, idle time, and

The following switches are available:

-k or -o Show only outlaws (killers and thieves).
-p Show only sockets in the playing sockets.
-d Show only non-playing (deadweight) sockets.
-l min-max Show only sockets whose characters are from level min to max.
-n <name> Show the socket with <name> associated with it.
-h <host> Show all sockets from <host>.
-c list Show only sockets whose characters' classes are in list.
-i Show IP adress instead hostnames.

See also: DC


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