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Level: 61

Traps are objects with type TRAP. How the trap behaves is specified by obj values:

First value are trap flags:
DISABLED: trap not active
PC ONLY: trap ignores mobs
EXPLOSIVE: trap affects everyone in room when activated
CHARGED: trap deactivated after activation, reactivated at next TICK
SELFDESTRUCT: trap destroyed after activation
ANTIMAGIC: trap reflects spells back (as magic mirror)
!DISABLE: trap can't be disabled by PC
RUN-SCRIPT: trap runs selected trap type script
Second value says which spell this trap casts when activated or script
which you want to run when trap activated.

Third value is type of activation (useful mainly for thieves ability EVADE TRAP)
Detects movement: whenever anyone enters room
Floor touch: whenever anyone enters room walking
Under ceiling movement: sensors in ceiling
Movement along walls: sensors in walls
Detects fliers: whenever anyone with FLY enters room
Last value is the probability of activation when evade fails or someone without
the skill activates the trap.

Traps can have their own level, which increases difficulty of disarming them,
autoevading their activation and specifies the level of the spell they cast.

See also: OEDIT MENU


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