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syntax: train [<stat> [token] ]

Training your stats is very usefull because many things depends on your
stats. For example hitpoints depends on constitution, mana on wisdom and
intelligence, movepoints and armor class on dexterity, hitroll and damroll
on strength, and there are many other dependencies, more or less hidden...
You can train your stat at Gwendor in Training Room, up from Temple of
Midgaard. Training cost experience points and also some gold.
How you can determine whether you have enough experience for training? It's
simple. If you would go into Loss after train, you cannot train.

For training hitpoints, mana or movepoints it is possible to use so-called
training tokens that are part of reward from some expecially powerful monsters.
If you specify you want to use training tokens to cover part of the cost, the
trainer will take as many of the tokens from your inventory as possible to
cover the XP cost and only take XP to cover the remainder. The trainer will
not, however, take more tokens than would be necessary to cover the full cost.



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