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List of currently available fighting styles:

style name Attacks Hitroll Damroll DamDice Defence Available
Smiling Buddha BelowAvg Average Average Average Good Mo Sh
Laughing Buddha BelowAvg Low BelowAvg Average Excellent Mo Sh
Ghost Dance Awful Awful Awful Low Ultimate Sh
Singing Dragon Average AboveAvg Good Good Low Mo Sh
Jumping Dragon AboveAvg Good Excellent Good Average Mo Sh
Raging Dragon Good Average Extreme Extreme Awful Sh
Whispering Wind Excellent Good Low BelowAvg Average Sh
Sandstorm Ultimate Extreme Low Average Good Sh
Lightning Strike Low Good Good Ultimate Poor Sh
Tiger Claw Average Excellent Average BelowAvg Average Mo Sh
Eagle Claw Average Ultimate BelowAvg AboveAvg Average Sh
Apish Dance BelowAvg Average Average Average Good Mo
Snake Low AboveAvg Good Very Good Average Mo
Furious Ape AboveAvg Average Extreme Ultimate Poor Mo

You cannot wield any weapon, hold anything, or wear anything on your body,
legs or arms, if you want to use a style.



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