BrutusMUD help


Level: 61

Usage: string <type> <name> <field> [<string> | <keyword>]

For changing the text-strings associated with objects and characters. The
format is:

Type is either 'obj' or 'char'.

Field is one of the following(the names may be abbreviated):

Name (the call-name of an obj/char - kill giant)
Short (for inventory lists (obj's) and actions (char's))
Long (for when obj/character is seen in room)
Title (for players)
Description (For look at. For obj's, must be followed by a keyword)
Delete-description (only for obj's. Must be followed by keyword)

Where a string is expected as the last argument, a newline will make you enter
a string mode, and the game will prompt you for new lines to the string until
you exceed the maximum length for the string or you end a line with a '@'.

Mobiles and objects currently cannot be strung.


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