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Level: 61

vnum scr <number> - shows vnum of script
vstat scr <number> - lists script with vnum <number>
scedit <vnum> - executes script editor on script <vnum>
attach <script num> <char|object> - attaches script to <char>
detach <script num> <char|object> - detaches script running on <char>
runscript <script num> <char|object> - runs script <script num> on <char>
stopscript <script num> <char|object> - stops script <script num> on <char>
sstat <script num> <char|object> - shows params and variables of script
running on <char|object>

Runscript is little different from other commands as it allows you to
set initial values for script local variables. The syntax is the same
like in MPSETVAR, but only local script variables are allowed, so no
[my|zone|global]. modifiers.

See also: MPSETVAR


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