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When advancing to level 31, you must supply which specialization you have
Possible choices are:

Fighter - brutal cruel fighter, who has muscles even instead of his brain
as he has no need for thinking... :-)
Swordsman - a warrior who focuses on swords and similar weapons.
Swordsmen can do incredible things with their swords,
be careful when dealing with them...
Shaolin - shaolins are men who focuses on very specialized martial arts. They
can even use some magic to help themselves...

Priest - priests are highly advanced clerics. They know many very
powerfull healing spells, but also some destructive spells.
Druid - druids are clerics who loves nature and its belongings. They care
for it and it helps them. And nature is VERY powerful force...
Monk - some clerics are known to study foreign arts of healing and this
study leads them to secret combat arts. These arts are just the
same as shaolins study, however monks are still clerics so they are
not so fearsome opponents as shaolinss but their great spellcasting
ability makes them mighty adventurers.

Magic User:
Sorcerer - this is just enhanced magic user. More combat spells, more
defensive spells, more brute magic force...
Psionic - such mages specialize in the art of affecting mind, both theirs
and of the others. It is said that greatest psionics can even
steal others' mind and control it...
Necromancer - necromancers are mages who are interested in dealing with
death, animating corpses, draining life from others, and
ultimately ask the Death itself to come and take their
enemy to its cold kingdom...

Rogue - standard street robber, however very dangerous...
Assassin - beware of assassins, they touch you and you realize you are no
longer alive...
Nightblade - strange beings who are not interested in winning the battle,
instead they cause their enemies to lose...


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