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Level: 61

Usage: show <mode> [argument]

Valid Modes:

The SHOW command displays information. Some modes of show
require additional information, such as a player name.
zreset rentfile status errors
death godrooms shops kills file
rooms mobs objects teleports prison
population items array bazaar scripts
crypt magicword integrity openfiles zonecmd
unmagic interpreters exits entrances killwatch
variables mobtypes events donations loadconst
weapons scrolls potions wands staffs
pets skillnum zoneentry gold groups
rankpoints richmobs

zreset: Shows all zones waiting for zreset
rentfile: Shows rentfile of selected player
status: Shows some informations about MUD system
death: Shows all death traps in the game.
errors: Shows errant rooms.
godrooms: Shows the rooms in the 'god zone'.
houses: Shows the houses that are currently defined.
player: Shows player summary information, simply provide a player name.
rent: Shows the filename and path to a players rent file.
shops: Shows all the shops in the game and their buy/sell parameters.
stats: Shows game status information including players in game, mobs etc.
zones: Shows all the zones in the game and their current reset status.
An age of -1 means it is in the 'to be reset next' queue.
file: Shows all players recorded in playerfile.
teleport: Shows all teleport rooms in the game.
kills: Shows you a killbuffer of selected player.
rooms: Shows you all rooms with terrain types in selected zone.
mobs : Shows you all mobs with basic stats.
objects: Shows you all objects with number loaded instances and with
number instances in rentfiles.
prison: Shows you all criminals on this MUD.
population: Shows you population in selected zone.
items : Shows you all items in selected zone.
array : Shows you tables - more options when you use it without
bazaar: ??? Maybe out of order
scripts: Shows you scripts in selected zone.
crypt: Can be used for encrypting words.
magicword: It shows you a selected word translated to magic language.
integrity: It shows integrity of MUD.
openfiles: It shows you all files opened by MUD.
zonecmd : It shows you all zedit commands in selected zone - useful
when searching where the mob loads and what is the maximum
of totalcount of some object.
unmagic : Translates a word from magic language.
interpreters: It show running scripts and shows their status.
exits : It shows all exits from selected zone.
entrances: It shows you all entrances into specified room.
killwatch: It shows you experience decreasing by "global buffer"
variables: It shows you variables on specified mob.
mobtypes: Shows you a mob types in specified zones (humanoids, animals,
donations: Shows you all donations rooms in zone
events : Shows you currently active and incoming global event
loadconst: Shows you penalties of the load constants.You may find
load const of the player in a stat command.
weapons : Shows you ALL weapons with their weapon types
scrolls : Shows you ALL scrolls with the level of scroll and spells
potions : Shows you ALL potions with the level of potion and spells
wands : Shows you ALL wands with the level of wandspell , name
and number of charges.
staffs : Shows you ALL staffs with the level of staffspell , name
and number of charges.
pets : Shows you ALL charmable mobs on MUD
skillnum: Shows you skillnum of specified skill
zoneentry: Shows entries to specified zone
gold : Shows gold in specified zone
groups : Shows all groups on the MUD
rankpoints: Shows all players with active rankpoint, with additional rankX
shows rankpoint mobs needed to rankX
aliases: Shows aliases of chosen character
idnum: Shows char with specified IDNUM
clans: Shows clan list
spec: Shows list of available specs for room|mob|object
richmobs: Shows ALL mobs with gold more than 10k per level
(for Important, Prestige and Quest mobs is this value increased)

See also: STAT, ZRESET


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