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Level: 61

Each variable has one of these types:
integer, string, mob, player, object, room
Type object and room are not implemented yet.

Locality of variables:
- global variables are shared by all scripts
- zone variables are shared by all mobs in the zone
(zone of the script doesn't matter)
- zonedisk variables are like zone variables, but are saved to disk
and survive reboot, but only int and string variables are saved, others
are lost
- owner variables are shared by all scripts running on the same owner.
- standard variables are not shared
You can access another than standard variables by prefixes:
"global.", "zone.", "my.", "zonedisk."

Using variables:
In expressions everything beyond numbers, operators, functions and string
constants (closed in ") are variables. In the normal command you can use
variable by "@" prefix. For example:
say Hi @actor.
If you want to use expression you have to close it into braces:
tell @actor You have @(hit(actor)) hitpoints.
There are special variable me, which points to scripting mob/object.


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