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Level: 61

DARK: needed infravision to see in this room
DEATH: standart death trap
!MOB: mobs cannot enter room
INDOORS: room is inside (no open sky)
PEACE: Violence not allowed
SOUNDPROOF: Shouts, gossips blocked
!TRACK: Track won't go through
!MAGIC: Magic not allowed
TUNNEL: room for only 1 person
PRIVATE: Can't go in if more than 1 person in room
GODROOM: GOD+ only alloweD
HOUSE: Room is a house !DO NOT TOUCH!
HCRSH: House needs saving !!DO NOT TOUCH!!
ATRIUM: The door to a house !!DO NOT TOUCH!!
OLC: Modifyable/!compress !!DO NOT TOUCH!!
*: track mark !!DO NOT TOUCH!!
!SUMMON: Cannot get in magically
!RECALL: Cannot get out magically
REGEN+: Room with good regen
REGEN-: Room with null regen
ARENA: PKill allowed in room, no exp lose for death
ABYSS: DT for non-flyers
TELEPORT: Room contains teleport !!DO NOT TOUCH!!
SWAMP: DT for those unable to walk on water
!SCAN: Scan cannot penetrate room
HOT: Room is very hot, causing 75 damage each minitick
VERY-HOT: Even more hot than HOT, 150 damage per minitick
COLD: Room is very cold, causing 75 cold damage each minitick
VERY-COLD: Even more cold than COLD, 150 cold damage per minitick
!QUIT In this room char cannot quit
CLAN Part of clan castle
CLAN_RENT Here you can rent some things , do not use
!PORTAL No portal cannot be open to this room
DONATION DOnation rooms, saves items inside automaticaly.
CHALLENGE Room is inside challenge , you can't look inside by spells.
!TRANS_OUT You can't go out from this room by any transportation magic.
UNKNOWN_ZONE You don't know in which zone is this room , you are lost.
!GLOBALS No global spells allowed in this room
!TRANS_IN You can't get in this room by any transportation magic
DEATH_GATEWAY In this room is necromancers portal , do not use.
ABS-LOCATION has its own map coordinates
!ZONEPURGE Room would not be purged by zonepurge
IN-WATER Room is underwater, but you can dig
FROZEN Room has ice on the water, nothing will sink down,
slighly damages people in this room.
CAMPFIRE There is a campfire in this room
ANTIMAGIC-MIST Antimagic mist in this room denies about 1/3 of spells


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