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The word 'Roleplaying' is eponymous; it means to adopt a role,
and play it. In game terms, what this means is that we want
you, the player, to come up with a role for your character in
the mud and then play that role like an actor in a play.

For instance, Bonehead the Ogre Warrior may have been thrown
out of his tribe for sleeping with the chieftain's mate, and
now travels the world killing monsters to redeem his personal
honor in the eyes of his tribe. He plans to rejoin his tribe
when they acknowledge him for the fearsome warrior and Ogre
hero he will become... if he doesn't die first.

That is a role that goes beyond Bonehead the Ogre Warrior who
plays between his psychology classes. The first Bonehead is
a citizen of the world we've created, the second is boring.

We intend BRUTUS MUD to be a mud that is populated with 'real people'
who live in the world we've created. It is a lot of fun, and
we're prepared to reward you for your troubles.



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