BrutusMUD help


Some quick guidelines:

Make a good character description and a personality and a background.
Really put some thought in it, it is for your own enjoyment. Don't
be a bonehead and make a 'Twink' or 'PowerGaming' character. Try
to be realistic. I strongly discourage you from creating a character
who is the only one of their race/clan for some reason, it is really
cliche, okay?

OOC stands for "out of character" -- a place or channel or something
where roleplaying is not necessary.

IC is "in character" -- where roleplaying is strongly encouraged.
Please note that we are not /requiring/ roleplaying now and have no plans
to in the future. However, we will be encouraging good rp'ers with cool
things, so... well, you figure it out.

o Gossip channel is IC, and the quest channel is, obviously, OOC.
o Wiz channels are OOC.
*o All clan channels are IC.
o Any private communications are up to you. (tell, call, etc).

For now, all rooms in the mud (excepting wizrooms) are IC. We'll
be creating some OOC areas and designating others as OOC for
chatting areas. Again, remember this is not mandatory, but strongly

Thanks in advance for helping BRUTUS MUD live and breathe as its own
special realm.



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