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Remort classes are special classes, which are not available for normal
characters. Currently there are NO remort classes available. When you can
see some characters of new classes (paladin, conjurer), bear in mind that
they are in alpha-testing phase and there is NO WAY to get such a character
right now. If you will ask how to get them, you only prevent developers
from progressing with those new classes, and putting it even further in the
future when you can get such a character, and the answer will be NO in the end
anyway. So please DO NOT ASK about how to get remort character. When it will
be possible to get one, it will be announced in time.

Some rules for remort characters:

* Remort characters do not lose experience for dying
* Remort characters do not lose experience for fleeing
* Fleeing from a mob will decrease exp gain from this mob when you kill it
but never so much that you will get no experience.
* Remort characters receive significantly less experience points
* When remort character dies and re-enters game, he gets resurrection sickness
for few miniticks.
* When remort character scraps a piece of equipment, it doesn't really turn
to scraps but only gets broken, and can still be repaired
* To advance to next level, you have to defeat designated monster
single-handedly, without any help. Note that this does not apply to NOBLE
characters, only to remorts.

If you would like to play remorts in the future, it is recommended to try
playing NOBLE character which is governed by the same rules as remorts, so
that you will get used to these rules and the system won't catch you by
surprise. And anyway it is expected that remorting will be possible ONLY
for noble characters, not from ordinary ones. However, rules for remorting
are not defined yet, so please do not ask for them. You won't get an answer
and would only prevent us from working on bringing remorts to you.

See also: NOBLE


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