BrutusMUD help


Level: 61

Name: Name of this room
Description: Description of this room
Room flags: flags, see "ROOM FLAGS" for explanation
Sector type: environment, water sectors require some kind of waterwalk or
boat, sector type 'in flight' require FLY to enter.
Exits menu:
Exit to: where this exit leads
Description: for 'look <direction>'
Door name: keyword of door if any present
Key: VNUM of key for locking/unlocking this door
Door flags: No door - no door here
Closeable door - door present
Pickproof - door cannot be unlocked without a proper key
Hidden - exit is not shown in autoexits unless opened
Purge exit: Destroy this exit
Extra descriptions menu:
Keyword: keyword list for this desc.
Description: for 'look <keyword>'
Go to next: move to next extra desc in this room
Tele-Target: if this room contains teleport, where it teleports to
Tele-Freq: and how often (in tens of seconds)
Tele-Flags: Force look - char forcet to look at new room after being
EntryResetsTime - timer is reset whenever any char enters room
SetsRandomTime - timer is reset to random time instead of
given frequency
Spin - not implemented
HasOBJinInv -
NoOBJinInv -
NoMesgDisplay - no message sent to char when teleport activates
SkipMobs - teleport ignores NPCs
SkipGroundObjects - teleport ignores objects on the floor
Tele_Obj: VNUM of object needed as key if HasOBJinInv flag set


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