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Before you can be promoted to next rank, you have to gather enough rankpoints.
Enough is 4 to reach R1 and one more for each rank, up to 7 rankpoints required
to reach R4 (how to get to R5 will be described later on). This means that you
need to receive this amount of rankpoints between ranks, when you reach next
rank, your rankpoints are reset. So you cannot get 5 rankpoints at level 60 and
then promote directly to R2, as well as you cannot get 9 rankpoints at level
60, and then lose 4 to get R1 and still have 5 left to get R2. When you get R1,
you begin your new rank with no rankpoints.

What is it, this rankpoint?
You are awarded rankpoint for killing specified creature. You can get your
misson from the rankmaster, General Trag, by using command "rankpoint ask". If
you have enough experience and money, you will be given your rankpoint target.
Enough experience means 25/30/40/50/75 MExp and 3/5/7/10/20 MGold for tasks to
to reach 1st to 5th rank(i.e. 25MExp and 3MGold for R1 to 75MExp/20MGold to R5)
Alternative way to get a rankpoint is by winning a quest, or buying it for some
amount of questpoints. See help on questpoints for this.

Then you have seven days to kill that target. If you don't kill it in seven
days, your rankpoint task fails and you can ask for another. If you do kill it,
you will receive your rankpoint, and can ask for another as well. After you
receive your rankpoint task, you can die 5 times. If you die for the sixth
time, your rankpoint task fails. It doesn't matter where or why do you die,
just number of deaths is what counts (only when you die, not DTs). But beware,
you cannot try rankpoint tasks until you get enough rankpoints. You have only
10 rankpoint attempts per rank. If you are attempting your last (10.) rankpoint
task and you fail, you will lose your current rank!

What are the requirements for receiving a rankpoint from kill?
First of all, you have to be head of the group who is trying to kill the
creature. If anyone who is not your follower hits the creature, it will be
marked by it and you cannot receive rankpoint from it until is fully healed
again, when such mark is removed.
Second, you cannot get help from more advanced characters. In your group can be
only players with effective level up to 2 levels above you, this limit is
increased by 1 level per rank (3 levels at R1, 4 levels at R2 etc). For this
computation ranks are counted as 7 effective levels, R5 is counted as 7 more
levels, because R5 characters are much more powerful. So if you have effective
level for example 62, only players with effective level up to 64 can help you
with rankpoint task, and they cannot be higher rank than you. But if you manage
to be effective level 67 before reaching R1, you can get help from R1 players
as they are usually at effective level 62, with 7 per rank it is 69 for
purposes of rankpoints, and 69 is 2 levels above you which is allowed.
Third, for most rankpoint tasks, only limited number of characters can
help you in the fight. The rankmaster will specify exact number of characters
who can participate (including you). This means EVERYONE helping with the kill,
even indirectly, like priest with lifeguard ready at High Healer to cast some
global heal in case someone in your group needs it.
Fourth, you have to actively participate in the fight. So if you stay
in th next room waiting for someone else to kill the mob, imaging that you
will only come to final blow, it is likely that you won't get a rankpoint.
It is YOUR rankpoint, so YOU should participate in the fight and bear the
risk, not cowardly waiting elsewhere until someone else does the task for you.

As promised before, reaching R5 is a bit different than lower ranks. Firstly,
you have to earn at least 5 rankpoints out of 10. As soon as you have 5
rankpoints, you can go to the rankmaster and let him promote you to title
Challenge Adept. You can gather more rankpoints than 5, if you do, the more
rankpoints above 5 will decrease your loss after challenge if you fail the
attempt. If you choose to go through the challenge of course.

After you get title Challenge Adept, you have two possibilities. First one is
to get 5 more rankpoints (again out of 10 attempts, previous attempts are
cleared after being promoted to Challenge Adept) and pass the challenge, the
second one is to use 1000 questpoints to get R5 immediatelly. You don't have to
choose which way you want in advance, you can keep trying to get questpoints
and in the meantime getting rankpoins and see which will be sooner. Or you can
even try challenge several times and then go to R5 via questpoints any time.
Your choice. Of course, you can get more rankpoints than 5 before your first
attempt for challenge. If you have more, you will have to wait shorter time
between challenge attempts.

And now some numbers for those who cannot live without them. If you want more
rankpoints than 5, your loss and delay will be reduced according to the amount
of rankpoints you have above 5 by 10/25/50/70/90 percent. This really means
that if you manage to get 10 rankpoints for Challenge Adept title, you won't
have any loss after challenge failure, and if you get 10 rankpoints before
going to challenge for the first time, you won't have to wait at all before
trying again.

For those trying to pass challenge, there is one more use for rankpoints.
You can reduce delay after challenge failure by rankpoints. Every rankpoint
decreases delay by 3 days. So if you should wait for 14 days, it makes sense
to get 4 rankpoints so you will reduce the delay by 12 days, thus making
it possible to go to challenge after two days again. Which may be just enough
to get those 4 rankpoints. Or you can get 3 rankpoints in 5 days, and you
would be allowed in challenge after those 5 days. Depends on your abilities
and choice.

Of course, R5 characters don't need to collect rankpoints if they loose their
badge somehow and need to go through challenge again to get it back.



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