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Syntax: rankpoint check|ask|give up|questshop|freeze

With this command you can get new rankpoints, check how are you doing or give
up current rankpoint task if you don't think you can make it so you can ask for
a new task (you will get rankpoint failure for this of course) without waiting
for seven days for your current task to expire. Parametrized version of this
command is usable at the rankmaster, General Trag. You can use this command
also at your guildmaster, where it is restricted to check and ask. Check tells
you the same General Trag would tell you, ask lets's you see rankmaster on where
for a while (WARNING: you should be really sure that you want to ask for a
rankpoint task. When you bother Trag that you want to see him and then go doing
something else, he will fail one of your attempts with all consequences). Using
rankpoint command at guildmaster without parameter will default to check.

Meaning of parameters:
check - see your current task, when it will expire, and how many rankpoints
you already received and failed
ask - get new rankpoint task or request visibility of rankmaster (described before)
ask solo- request solorp (if if they are available for your class and rank)
give up - give up current rankpoint task, use this if you are sure you cannot succeed
and don't want to wait for your current task to expire
questshop-allows manipulation with RP tasks by spending questpoints,
see help questshop rankpoint
freeze - stops countdown for your rankpoint task, but you cannot log to the
MUD for the duration of the freeze. Default freeze duration is 7 days
but you can specify different duration (in days) as optional
parameter. Freeze shorter than 7 days will cost you some experience
(quite a lot in fact, the more the shorter the freeze). This
option is quite useful if you find out that you have some real-world
duties and cannot commit yourself to complete your rankpoint.

Syntax: rankpoint freeze default - freeze for 7 days
rankpoint freeze long <amount> - freeze longer than 7 days
rankpoint freeze short <amount> - freeze shorter than 7 days



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