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Level: 61


The argument is a number betweeen 1 and 100 inclusive.

NOTE: This trigger is checked at each PULSE_MOBILE and if the argument is
greater than a percentage roll the trigger is activated. This
will happen even if there is no PC in the room with the mob,
but there must be players in the same area.
It is useful to give mobiles a bit of a personality. For instance
a janitor who stops to spit tobacco, or complain about the hours,
or wonder why there are no woman janitors on muds, or a fido which
barks or growls or pees on the curb is much more alive than one
which just sits there scavenging.
This trigger will even be checked when the mobile is fighting,
so can provide some confusion if you don't expect it (for instance
an mpecho about a fido peeing on the curb can happy during a fight
or even while the mobile is lying mortally wounded!)


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