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Each race has its own summary , there are descriptions of the atributes
displayed in race summaries.

Base atributes:

Strength : Strength affects carrying capacity and damage . Partially
affects chance to hit too.
Inteligence : Inteligence affects maximum mana of the character (most for MU).
High inteligence increases a hit chance too.
Wisdom : Wisdom affects how many practice sessions have your
character per level. Wisdom affects maximum mana of character
(most for Cle) . High wisdom increases a hit chance too.
Dexterity : Dexterity affects armor class of the character. Also affects
some avoid chances and movepoints of character.
Constitution: Constitution affects maximum of hitpoints.
Charisma : Affects power of spells and prices in shops.

Additional stats:
Spellcasting : How good is the race in spellcasting - it modifies chance
to cast a spell without losing concentration
Lifeforce Recovery: How long it takes to recover from various lifeforce-damaging
actions, best known of them is manaout or sorcerer's mana channel
Mana regeneration : Mana points regeneration rate.
Hit regeneration : Hit points regeneration rate.
Move regeneration : Move points regeneration rate.
Combat damage : Bonuses for combat damage of the char.
Evasive bonus : Bonuses for evasive actions (e.g. ac, dodge)
Carrying ability : How many ounces can char carry.
Height : Height of the char in centimeters.
Weight : Weight of the char in ounces.
Learn speed : How quickly this race learns new skills
Dodge bonus : Ability to dodge attacks (if char knows necessary skill)
Specialities and advantages : Specialities of race -for example infravision.

Descriptions: Awful - bellow 76% of normal
Very low - about 76-85% of normal
Low - about 86-90% of normal
Bellow average - about 91-99% of normal
Average - about 100% of normal
Above average - about 101-109% of normal
High - about 110-119% of normal
Very high - about 120-129% of normal
Ultimate - above 129% of normal


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