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Questpoints are gateway to alternative way to the fifth rank. After you receive
title Challenge Adept, you can use 1000 questpoints to be promoted to R5
without need to pass any other tests. You can also use questpoints to buy
rankpoints. Price of one rankpoint depends on your rank, you have to pay
50 questpoints per rank you want for one rankpoint. So at level 60 when you
want to reach the first rank, one RP would cost you 50qp, and at R4 you'll
have to pay 250qp for rankpoint (you are going to R5, and 5x50 is 250).

How to get questpoints? By participating in quests of course. The bigger the
quest, the more questpoints would be awarded, and the better your position
when results are announced, the more questpoints as well. There is an upper
bound for amount of questpoints to be received for one quest, set at 100qp.
This amount can be received for winning large global quest. Smaller short-time
quests are usually rewarded by up to 50 questpoints. These amounts are rewards
for winner of the quest, other participants usually receive some questpoints as
well, amount depending on their position.



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