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Usage: prompt [<prompt string>]

If used with no arguments, the prompt command only shows your current
prompt. Otherwise it sets your prompt to desired one.

The following codes are availible for usage in the prompt:

%h = current hitp %H = max. hitp %m = current mana
%M = max. mana %v = current move %V = max. move
%p = percent of... {hmvx} (%px = percent of exp to level)
%o = opponent cond %x = current exp %X = exp to level
%g = gold on hand %G = gold in bank %t = tank condition
%_ = new line %% = percent sign %f = basic flags

Also the code %F? is now available, where ? is one of the following:

? flag sign shown in prompt meaning
i INVISIBLE i You are invisible
d DETECT_INVIS d You can see invisible things
s SENSE_LIFE s You can see hidden lifeforms
S SANCTUARY S You are protected by sanctuary
V INFRAVISION i You can see in dark
F FLY F You are flying
R REGEN R Your regen rate is increased
h HIDE h You are hidden
P PROTECTING P You are protecting your group
B BERSERK B You are in berserk state or something similar
L LEVITATE L You are levitating
E FIRE_SHIELD F Enemy burns itself if it hits you
E DARK_SHIELD D Enemy chills itself if it hits you
M MAGIC_MIRROR M You are protected by magic mirror
o DIVINE_PROT D You are protected by divine protection
w WARP_SPACE W The space is warped around you
T PRETEND_DEATH d You are pretending you are dead
p DEATH_PROT p You can withstand the presence of death
O SPIRIT_BOND B You have spirit bond, you are harder to kill
a SENSE_DEATH s You can sense death traps
r ANTIREFLECTION A Your spells can better penetrate magic mirror
N NEW_LIFE N You will survive your death
E EYE_FOR_AN_EYE E Enemy gets injured when it hits you
c MIND_COMBAT C You use your mana to absorb damage taken
e ENHANCE_SENSES e Your sense are enhanced, you can detect all life
y PSYCHIC_MIRROR M Your mind reflects psychic attacks
I INFERNAL_POWER I You are boosted by power of the Underworld
A ANTI_SENSE A You cannot be detected by sense life
C ARCANE_POWER A You activated your arcane power
D DARK D You are materialized (for nazghuls)
g AGILITY A You are more agile
u SURVIVE S When enemy kills you it will NOT be taken to
hell (for nazghuls)
b METABOLIC_BOOST M Your metabolism is boosted for fight
t SPACE_DISTORTION D You are harder to hit by spells
f PSYCHIC_FOCUS F You activated your psychic focus
6 SIXTH_SENSE 6 You hear your sixth sense
l BLOCKING b You try to block fleeing opponents
H HUNTED H You are being hunted!
W WAIT W You have a delay after some spell/skill
U PRECAUTION P You use your sixth sense to precaution damage shields
x BACK_LINE_FIGHT B You fight from back line and prevent switches to you
X COVER_BEHIND_TANK C You evade hitalls if there is a tank to cover behind

Special prompt items usable for psionics:
%F( - Actual percentual amount of mana in manabank
%Fm - Managuard

Special class-based flags:
%+<class><flag>, where <class> is one-letter class identifier, see below
e.g. monk flag HOLY-GROUP is %+MH

Swordsman: identifier S
see "help prompt swordsman"

Monk: identifier M
C - crusader aura
G - holy group aura
H - strike of harrier
I - inner nirvana
L - holy light aura
S - stack of damage
T - combat stance

Thief: identifier T
a - Alertness
b - retreat base direction
C - coward
c - camouflaged
f - foresight
h - hidden move
x - assassination

Druid: identifier D
P - power transformation
p - wait state of power transformation



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