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Swordsman specific prompt flags (and common warrior flags) can be accessed by
specifying %+S<char>.

<char> can be one of:

Fatigue display and more complex information
F - flag mode (f-f-f-f-f-f)
n - fatigue value divided by 500
N - real fatigue value
T - text mode (none-low-medium-high-very high-OVERKILL)
B - type of block (HIGH-LOW-FAN-...)

Other stuff
J - judge enemy/find tactics status
K - affected by tactical knowledge
V - affected by inner voice
D - duel/mortal duel
S - spirit of guardian
L - lock enemy
R - finesse recovery

a - all-in-one "other stuff" flags, in same order as this help file

Die by sword is not included here, because it's already included in
generic %FB. The same is true for blocking and protecting flags.

Note: there are ways to display same stuff, but those are deprecated,
won't be updated anymore, and are intentionally not shown anywhere in help.


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