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Usage: practice [questpoint|qp] [skill or spell name]

Practice is the way you improve your spells and skills. You can only do
so in your guild, where your guildmaster can help you train. Type
"practice <skill>" to improve your abilities while in your guild. You can
only practice a certain amount for each level you gain. Unused practice
sessions will accumulate for use in future levels.

If you type practice anywhere other than in your guild, you will get a list
of all of the spells and skills you know and your level of proficiency at

You could learn each skill or spell to some fixed level. You can't learn
skill or spell better than to this level. How much you know this show table.
Skill or spell learned on PERFECT means, that you reached maximum level of
knowledge about it (but it doesn't mean it's 100%). So don't be surprised,
if you fail some skill or spell you're master of.

If you use "questpoint" option, it will cost you 1qp instead of practice
lesson, but you are not limited to usual maximum as with practice lessons, with
questpoints you can practice up to perfect.

(not learned) 0
(harmless) 1%.. 9%
(awful) 10%..18%
(bad) 19%..28%
(very poor) 29%..36%
(poor) 37%..45%
(average) 46%..55%
(above average) 56%..65%
(fair) 66%..70%
(good) 71%..75%
(very good) 76%..80%
(superb) 81%..85%
(small master) 86%..90%
(master) 91%..95%
(great master) 96%..99%
(PERFECT) maximum


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