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Level: 61

You already find that there is PILL item type.
There are two types of pills

1. type: Pills which are just solid potions - can be eaten, effect is
standard spell with standard level

2.type: Pills which have special effect: You may create f.e. pill which
gives ability to fly for 2 miniticks or pill which doubles manaregen for
3 miniticks. You must select 0 in first object value (SPELL) , then you
are asked for APPLY and modifier - choose it wisely, of course it is
possible to do pill +300 STR, but it will cause problems (negative STR)
- and I hope you don't want to cause problems to MUD. So use the values
wisely. Next step is to fill duration negative duration means duration
in ticks, positive duration in miniticks. If you choose zero , it will
be 1 tick - so beware!

See also : PILL


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