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Level: 61

Format : osearch [<range>] [-a <applies>] [-n <name>]
[-p <position>] [-t <type>]

Allows parameter-based searching of the entire object index. At least one
parameter must be declared. Optionally, a range of object vnums to search
within may be specified in the format '<from_vnum>-<to_vnum>'. Valid
switches are as follows:

-a Applies. To search for objects by apply (+hitroll, +maxmana, etc.),
enter this switch on the command line, followed by the applies to
be used as criteria.

str class hit damroll illegal acid race
dex level move para combat mind affect
int age gold rod stats body saves
wis weight exp petri points pierce resists
con height ac breath cold slash
cha mana hitroll spell fire crush

Compound apply arguments call groups of applies at a time:

combat - str + dex + con + ac + hitroll + damroll
illegal - class + exp + gold + level + race
points - hit + mana + move
saves - para + rod + petri + breath + spell
resists - cold + fire + acid + mind + body + pierce + slash + crush
stats - str + dex + int + wis + con + cha

-n Name. Follow this switch by a word to be searched for in the tested
objects' names. Partial matches will be returned.

-p Position. Follow this switch by an eq position (head, hold, wield,
etc.) to be searched for in the tested objects' wear flags. The
valid positions are:

take body feet shield wrist knee
finger head hands about wield elbow
neck legs arms waist hold

-t Type. Follow this switch by an item type (light, weapon, food,
etc.) to be searched for. The valid items types are:

light fireweapon worn note money
scroll missile other drinkcon pen
wand treasure trash key boat
staff armor trap food fountain
weapon potion container


> osearch 500-3200 -n sword -a damroll hitroll
> osearch -p shield -n wooden -a height cha con dex
> osearch -a combat mana

See also: VNUM, VSTAT


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