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Level: 61

Namelist: list of keywords used to interact with this object
S-Desc: name of object, used in actions (e.g. 'You drop _object_')
L-Desc: when on the floor (e.g. 'Object is lying on the floor here.')
A-Desc: when object is used, e.g. potions quaffed
Type: type of object, e.g. WEAPON, SCROLL etc
Extra flags: see "OBJ FLAGS"
Wear flags: where can this object be worn
Weight: weight of this object
Cost: price of this object,used for counting repair and buy/sell cost
Cost/Day: rent cost per day
Timer: how many ticks before object vanishes if AUTOSCRAP flag set
Values: meaning depends on object type:
Light: how long it light before it dies
Scroll: level of spells it casts
3 spell numbers
Wand,Staff,: level of spell it casts
Potion maximum and current number of spell charges
spell number
Weapon: weapon spell
SizeDamDice, NumDamDice of this weapon
Type of damage of this weapon
Fire Weapon: Type of ammunition
Missile: Type of missile, must match fireweapon type of ammunition
Damage caused by this missile
Missile flags:
EXPLOSIVE: damages everyone in the same room as target
POISONOUS: can cause poison affect
PARALYZING: can cause paralyzation
number of shots available from one object
Treasure: not used
Armor: ac apply
Worn, Other, Trash: not used
Trap: trap flags:
DISABLED: trap not active
PC ONLY: trap ignores mobs
EXPLOSIVE: trap affects everyone in room when activated
CHARGED: trap deactivated after activation,
reactivated at next TICK
SELFDESTRUCT: trap destroyed after activation
ANTIMAGIC: trap reflects spells back
!DISABLE: trap can't be disabled by PC
RUN-SCRIPT: trap runs script instead casting spell
which spell this trap casts when activated or script executes
type of activation:
Detects movement: whenever anyone enters room
Floor touch: whenever anyone enters room walking
Under ceiling movement: sensors in ceiling
Movement along walls: sensors in walls
Detects fliers: whenever anyone with FLY enters room
type of activation is designed mainly for thieves ability
probability of activation
Container: maximum weight it can contain
CLOSEABLE: whether it can be closed
PICKPROOF: cannot be unlocked without a proper key
CLOSED: is closed
LOCKED: is locked
TRAPPED: container is trapped and when
you try to open or close it, it will explode
VNUM of key if any
Note: language? (not implemented)
Liq Container: maximum units it can contain
how many units it contains when created
type of contens
is poisoned?
Key: not used
Food: For how long it fills stomach
Food quality (not used yet anywhere)
is poisoned?
Money: amount of gold
Pen, Boat: not used
Fountain: maximum drink units it can contain
how many drink units it contain when created
type of contens
is poisoned?
Herb: Ingredience number - to be used for druid potions
in future

Applies menu: for each apply select its type:
everything except LEVEL, RACE, CLASS, GOLD, EXP and AFFECT modifies
given parameter,
AFFECT gives user selected affect (see "AFF FLAGS"),
MOVE REGEN, HIT REGEN , MANA REGEN affects regeneration of selected
stat , in promiles.
LUCK affects chances of failing checkskills.
LEVEL, RACE, CLASS, GOLD and EXP unimplemented, DO NOT USE!
Extra Descriptions menu: see the same topics under "REDIT MENU"
Level Menu: minimum level needed to wear this object for each class.
enter 0 for item not usable by this class
Condition menu: current and maximum condition of object


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