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Level: 61

GLOW: Item is glowing
HUM: Item is humming
!RENT: Item cannot be rented
!DONATE: Item cannot be donated
!INVIS: Item cannot be made invis
INVISIBLE: Item is invisible
MAGIC: Item is magical
!DROP: Item is cursed: can't drop or remove
BLESS: Item is blessed
!GOOD: Not usable by good people
!EVIL: Not usable by evil people
!NEUTRAL: Not usable by neutral people
!<classname>: Not usable by members of class <classname>
!SELL: Shopkeepers won't touch it
!<racename>: Not usable by members of race <racename>
QUEST: Item gained in quest , will survive DT
CONJURED: Item vanishes when removed
LEVITATE: Item doesn't sink in water
TWOHANDED: Weapon requires doublewield skill
AUTOSCRAP: Item gets scrapped without reason
POISONOUS: Weapon/trap is poisoned
HIDDEN: Item cannot be seen until manipulated with
AUTOHIDE: Item hidden even after manipulation
SHIELDED: Item is magically shielded => cannot be located by spells
!STEAL Item cannot be stolen thieves
!DESTROY Item cannot be destroyed via DESTROY_ITEM
!REMOVE Item cannot be removed when worn :) - will scrap after death
UNIQUE Only ONE instance of this object
!MALE Not usable by males
!FEMALE Not usable by females
DURABLE Item is indestructible for a while
FORGED Item has been forged by swordsman
THROW Item can be thrown
FIRED Item does fire damage too
FROZEN Item does cold damage too
ACIDED Item does acid damage too
ASN_FORGED Dagger was forge by assassin
!IDENTIFY Item cannot be identified via identify spell
BLOODTHIRSTY Item does some damage to owner when worn
ASTRAL Item can be take by astralwalker
DESTROYED do not use!
BALANCED some abilities of item exceeds handbook ,
but is checked by some Creator
PRIVATE You can't give , sell , drop etc. this item
, you are it's owner
NOT-AUTH Always set when Immortal edits some object in opened zone.
This item can't be loaded by zedit and mpoload command.
VERY-SMALL Can be used only by small races
SMALL Can be used by small and normal races
LARGE Can be used by large and normal races
VERY-LARGE Can be used only by large races
INDEST Item is indestructable
!DROP Item can't be dropped
!STORE This item you can't put in container
!SCAVENGE This item can't be taken by scavengers
VANISH This item vanishes , when owner tries to put it away from him
COOKABLE Item could be prepared to food via cooking skill


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