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Level: 61

SPEC: Mob has a callable spec-proc
SENTINEL: Mob should not move
SCAVENGER: Mob picks up stuff on the ground
ISNPC: Automatically set on all Mobs !!DO NOT REMOVE!!
AWARE: Mob can't be backstabbed
AGGR: Mob attacks players in the room
STAY_ZONE: Mob shouldn't wander out of zone
WIMPY: Mob flees if severely injured (under 25%)
AGGR_EVIL: Auto attack evil PC's
AGGR_GOOD: Auto attack good PC's
AGGR_NEUTRAL: Auto attack neutral PC's
MEMORY: Remembers attackers if attacked
HELPER: Attack PCs fighting other NPCs
!CHARM: Mob can't be charmed
!SUMMON: Mob can't be summoned
!SLEEP: Mob can't be slept
!BASH: Mob can't be bashed (e.g. trees)
!BLIND: Mob can't be blinded
SUMMONER: Mob summons other mobs in combat
HUNTER: Mob hunts players who attack him
ANIMATED Mob was animated (is undead), his corpse cannot be animated
MOUNTABLE: Mob can be mounted
SUMMONED: Mob was summoned => his corpse vanishes immediatelly
IMPORTANT: Mob produces INFO message when killed
FAST_AGGR: Mob attacks anyone entering room
AREA_ATTACK: Mob in fight uses area attacks
SCRAPPER: Mob uses scrapping spells, if he knows any (e.g. acid ray)
!PARALYZE: Mob cannot be paralyzed
BREATHER: Mob uses breath attacks in combat
POISONOUS: Mob causes poison with hits
ANIMAL: Mob is animal, friend of druids ;-)
ARCHER: Mob shoots PCs in neighboring rooms
NOSTEAL: Theives cannot steal anything from this mob
SWITCHER: Mob switches to best victim in fight
CALLER: Mob calls for help in fight
SAVER: Mob hears help calls from CALLERs
PASSDOOR: Mob can go through door

DIST_AGGR: Mob searches for PCs (via scan) and attacks them
BLOCKER: Mob blocks way
!SCAN: Mob is not shown on scan
!ATTACK: Mob cannot be attacked. Used for quests, shopkeepers etc
POINTER: Mob forces all other mobs in room to help him in fight
CURSING: Mob has cursing touch
DRAINING: Mob has draining touch, i.e. he heals himself by damaging enemy
ILLUSION: Mob is only an illusion, so all his attacks are mind
HIGH-PRESTIGE: Mob adds clan prestige when defeated (lvl points)
QUEST: Mob is used in quest, so it cannot be tracked, summoned,
teleported to, etc
!PORTAL: Mob cannot be used as a target for portal spell
VIRTUAL: Mob cannot be detected by mortals, and completely ignores them
FAST-MOB: Mob acts once every 3 seconds instead of 10 as other mobs do
UNDEAD: Mob is undead, used for some special effects like
'turn undead' spell
LOW-PRESTIGE: Mob adds some clan prestige when killed (lvl/10 points)
MERCENARY clan mob - do not use.
NOCOUNT mob is not counted for exp cut-down
NOCLASS do not act like member of class
WANDERER ignores !mob during random movement
BADGUY helpers etc don't help bad guys ;-)
ALIGNHELPER helps only mobs with the same align
CHALLENGE mob couldn't be identified by anyone else than challenger
NOMOVE mob doesn't go anywhere by itself
POLYMORPHING mob is polymorpher, see polymorph menu
SILENTMORPH mob doesn't produce any message when it morphs
CITYGUARD call cityguard spec at the beginning of combat round
LIMITED_MANA mob has limited mana the same way as players
LIMITED_MOVE mob has limited move the same way as players
NOGROUP mob cannot be grouped
HUMANOID mob has Unknown race, but is humanoid
USE EACH TIME if MOB is HUMANOID , Assassin class really depends
on this flag.
PCBLOCKER mob blocks move all PC , but mobs could pass
NOATTRACT mob ignores attract skill
FAIR_AGGR mob doesn't attack lowbie players
WATERBEING mob is water being, i.e. fish
PENET_SCAN mob ignores !scan flags
AVENGER mob is aggresive when corpses of his friends are in room
(friends = mobiles from his zone)
SPEC-ABIL mob is follower and use some special commands
WEAPON-IMMUNITY mob cannot be wounded by normal weapons - only by magic weapons
FOLLOWER allow ordering and returning to their master without
need to be charmed
SPEC-STRING mob strings are modified against prototype - do not use
HARD-RP more then 5 players allowed as RP group to kill this mob
CONSUMABLE mob corpse has cookable flag - could be prepared for food via
cooking skill
RND-SWITCHER mob switches to random char in room at end of turn
FAIR-FIGHT mob will not let leave his enemy (FIGHTING(mob)) so easily
good flag against spell/flee tactics - softer than AFF_BLOCK


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