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It is said that some are just born under lucky stars, or are chosen
by gods so their destiny is that of heroes of the World. No matter
what the truth is, the World needs heroes, the brave ones who bring
hope to the hearts of poor common people.

The realy special ones among heroes are nobleborn. They are definitely
blessed by gods, chosen for special destinies only gods know about. Nobles
among heroes are the closest to the state of remort, the ultimate
transcendency that mortal spirit is even capable of.

As such, the ones know as nobles, thouh of regular hero classes (cleric,
mage, warrior, thief or their respective specializations) are bound
with the same rules as remorts.

PS: As of present time, any experienced player is welcome to test his
patience and willpower by playing noble character. This option is not,
however, openly visible, because newbie playrs may find it rather demotivating.
To create a noble character, start with standard character creation process
and at the time you are asked about accepting of the race you have chosen,
answer '*' instead of usual 'y'. Then proceed as usual.
Note that this is the only way how to become nobleborn (your high-rank character
cannot become noble, it is only available to newly created characters). Also
note that this change is irreversible.

PPS: The rules for remorts that were mentioned contain of for example much
lower experience gain rate, special rules about dying, fleeing, damaging of
equipment and such. The exact set of rules is not final at this time, they
may change and new rules may be added.


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