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style name Attacks Hitroll Damroll Damdice Defence Special
Poisonous touch low low average low average poisoning
Cursing touch low average good good belowavg cursing
Decaying touch excelent good belowavg average belowavg decaying

Burning touch average excelent belowavg average belowavg burn_hand
Shocking touch good good extreme good awful shockgras
Flashing touch extreme ultimate poor good belowavg lightbolt

Paralyzing touch good poor extreme good awful paralyzing
Webbing touch good ultimate good average belowavg webbing

Blinking eyes poor poor poor afwul extreme ----
Doddering shadow awful awful awful awful ultimate ----

Red eyes ultimate good ultimate excelent good ----
Brutal crash awful poor poor ultimate awful ----

As same as another classes nazghul can't hold or wield anything or have
something on their body, arms or legs.


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