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Level: 61

Triggers are fairly easy to add, but this basic list should hold for
most needs. Their names, argument list syntaxes, and translation into
more articulate english are given below:
More than one mobile can use the same file and one mobile can call more
than one file. Files referenced using the dummy in_file_prog line are
placed in the MOBprogram list at the point where the dummy line exists.

in_file_prog <ARGUMENT>
act_prog [p] <ARGUMENT>
speech_prog [p] <ARGUMENT>
rand_prog <NUMBER>
fight_prog <NUMBER>
hitprcnt_prog <NUMBER>
greet_prog <NUMBER>
all_greet_prog <NUMBER>
entry_prog <NUMBER>
give_prog <ARGUMENT>
bribe_prog <NUMBER>
death_prog <NUMBER>

Also, no MOBprograms will be successful when the mobile is charmed
(since it has no self violition, it should act like it has none) to protect
mobiles which are given special powers from being implemented by a player.
One bug we had in early testing was a player who charmed a mobile and then
used its aggressive greet_prog to attack other players.

For more informations see help for each trigger type.


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