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Level: 61

trigger argument and what must happen to activate trigger
act_prog WORDLIST or P WORD_PHRASE to match from act() to mobile
bribe_prog INTEGER amount of miminum gold amount given to mobile
entry_prog PERCENT chance to check when mobile moves to a new room
give_prog FULL OBJECT NAME or ALL to match when obj given to mobile
greet_prog PERCENT chance to check if visable char enters mobile's room
all_greet_prog PERCENT chance to check when any char enters mobile's room
fight_prog PERCENT chance to check at fight_pulse if mobile is fighting
hitprcnt_prog PERCENT lower than mobiles hit/max_hit if mobile is fighting
death_prog PERCENT chance to check after mobile has been slain
rand_prog PERCENT chance to check whenever a PC is in the mobiles zone
speech_prog WORDLIST or P WORD_PHRASE to match in dialogue to mobile

variable mobile actor victim random object 2nd_object
name $i $n $t $r $o $p
shrt_desc/title $I $N $T $R $O $P
he/she/it $j $e $E $J -- -- '$'symbol=$$
him/her/it $l $m $M $L -- --
his/hers/its $k $s $S $K -- --
a/an -- -- -- -- $a $A

ifcheck argument? meaning
rand(num) Is a random percentage less than or equal to num
isnpc($*) Is $* an NPC
ispc($*) Is $* a PC
isgood($*) Does $* have a good alignment
isfight($*) Is $* fighting
isimmort($*) Is the level of $* greater than max_mortal
ischarmed($*) Is $* affected by charm
isflying ($*) Is $* affected by fly
iswalking ($*) Is $* not affected by levitate or fly?
isfollow($*) Is $* a follower with their master in the room
isaffected($*) & integer Is ($*->affected_by & integer) true (person only)
exists($*) True, if $* exists
hitprcnt($*) == percent Is the hit/max_hit of $* equal to percent
inroom($*) == integer Is the room of $* equal to integer (person only)
sex($*) == integer Is the sex of $* equal to integer
position($*) == integer Is the position of $* equal to integer
level($*) == integer Is the level of $* equal to integer
class($*) == integer Is the class of $* equal to integer
goldamt($*) == integer Does $* have a gold total equal to integer
objtype($*) == integer Is the type of $* equal to integer (armor,boat,etc)
objval($*) == integer Is $*->value[n] equal to integer (n from 0-3)
number($*) == integer Is the vnum of $* equal to integer
name($*) == string Is the name of $* equal to string
pcinroom Is number of players in room
npcinroom Is number of NPCs (mobs) in room
nummobs(vnum) Is number of mobs with vnum in room
objtotalnum(vnum) Is number of vnum object (rentfile included)
objnum(vnum) Is number of vnum object (rentfile excluded)

MOBcommands: see "MOB COMMANDS"


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