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Syntax: mentor [ set <level> | reset ] [maxstats] [dump <stat>]

Mentoring ritual is only available to remorts and nobleborn character.
It enables them to temporarily set themselves to lower level or rank.
This lowering of level/rank can be useful for making groups with lower
level characters, helping then with rankpoints, etc. Mentoring character
is actualy passing his experience with low level adventuring to his
friends. This is not free of cost, of course. Mentoring characters
gain less experience than they would normaly gian at their lowered level.

You can only perform mentoring ritual on certain sacred places, where
the power of gods is strong. The temple in Midgaard is an example of
such a place.
There is a period of time that needs to pass before you can perform
another mentoring (or reversed mentoring) ritual. Gods just don't like
to be bothered too often.

To perform mentoring ritual, character has to get rid of all spellup
and spelldown other than his own. His own enchantments will be consumed
by the ritual and lost in the process. All equipment worn or carried at
the moment of performing the ritual will be stored in extradimensional
storage area and will not be available to the character untill he performs
reversed mentoring ritual again. This saves you from taking care of your
high level equipment while mentoring. If you deliberately decide to save
some of your equipment (eg. bag with scrolls and potions), you can simply
drop it to the ground or lend to someone before the ritual starts.

In order to perform reversed ritual you need to drop or destroy all items.
You need to have empty hands and be completely undressed. Your stored
equipment will be retrieved from extradimensional storage area and returned
to you.

When you reach your lower level, your attributes, mana, hp and moves will
be tuned down to match your new level. This will be restored along with
with reversed ritual.

You cannot advance, train attributes, promote or accept/manage rankpoints
while mentoring.

You are advised to reclaim your low level equipment to be used while
mentoring. Reclaim cost is significantly lower than regular reclaim.
Items reclaimed while mentoring, however, are treated as mentoring tools.
You cannot use them when you return to your original level. To make the item
usable again, you need to destroy (junk) the item and reclaim it again at your
original level (for the full experience cost).

Additional options allow you to tweak stat distribution when mentoring. You
see, maybe you were level 60 with eff 74 before going to R1. Or maybe
you were mighty battlepriest or sorcerer with nearly maxed CON. But when you
mentor, default stat distribution tends to disfavor your unimportant stats,
regardless of what you really had trained at those levels.

Dump stats will allow you to reorder stat importance a bit - the selected stat
will drop to 5 and will only receive additional points after all other stats
can't be raised anymore.

Maxstats tweaks another aspect of mentoring. Normally, mentoring stats are
calculated so that you may help any imaginable person on that rank with
rankpoints. Which quite restricts your maximum effective level (62 to help
with 60 rankpoints, 65 for R1 etc...). This may be realistic for level 60
rankpoints, but being level 75 while helping with R4 rankpoints looks strange,
especially for some classes that heavily depend on their level. Maxstats will
raise the eff restriction a bit.

No tweak will raise that stats above your original level. If you are R3 with
10 CON, don't count on making good tank for level 60 groups...

mentor set R1
mentor set 62 /* the same as mentor set R2 */
mentor set 13
mentor set 60 maxstats dump wisdom /* recipe for badass 60 nightblade */
mentor reset /* this will get you to your original level */


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