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Level: 61

Sex: mob's gender
Alias: keywords to interact with this mob
S-Desc: for mobs 's actions ( e.g. '_The_guard_ leaves west.')
L-Desc: when in room (e.g. 'The guard is here, guarding the gate')
D-Desc: for 'look <mob>'
Level, Alignment,
Hitroll, Damroll: parameters of this mob
NumDamDice, SizeDamDice: mob's bare hand damage (e.g. 10d10)
NumHPDice, SizeHPDice: mob's hp dice
HP bonus: base mob's hitpoints, increased by dice
Armor Class: mob's AC
Experience, Gold: rewards for killing mob
Posiotion: position, e.g. standing, sitting, sleeping, when mob is loaded
Default: in which position is shown L-Desc
Attack: type of attack this mob performs
NPC flags: see "NPC FLAGS"
AFF flags: see "AFF FLAGS"
Race: race of this mob, if any
MobProgs: for creating mobprogs
Class: class of this mob, if any. If mob has set any class, he will
use it's abilities in combat, depending on his level.
Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, etc...
Saving: saving throw menu
Resist: resistances menu
Hit Bonus: regen rate (per tick), -1 for default dependant on level
Summoned mob #1, #2, #3: vnums of mobs this mob summons in combat if it has
flag SUMMONER. Mob summons #1 until his hp drops
under 50%, then #2 until 20% and then #3.
Polymorphs into: currently unimplemented
Breath menu:
Breath type: type of breath attack
NumDamDice, NumSizeDice: damage dice for breath attack
Frequency: probability of breath attack (checked every combat round)


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