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MCCP is a acronym for Mud Client Compression Protocol. It helps your
connection by compressing any data mud sends you. This means that less
data is sent (70-90% savings in most cases), less lag is introduced on
the way. It also helps the mud as a whole - outgoing bandwidth is a
precious resource.

If your client supports MCCP, it will be automatically negotiated when
you connect to the mud. So far MUSHclient, zmud and tf (version 5+) are
known to support MCCP. Plain telnet and putty do not (there is exception
for putty, see below). If your favorite client doesn't support the
compression and you still want to help the mud (or your wallet if you
pay for data transferred), you may use mcclient proxy to connect.

Connection using mcclient proxy (*)
Download, unpack it and run
mcclient.exe from mcclient-0.4/win32 directory (or mcclient/0.4/linux
when using linux). You can then use any client to connect to "localhost"
instead of "" (this is just redistribution of the proxy,
because mcclient original site appears to be non-functional. The package
contains both win32 and linux binaries and sources to build mcclient

Another possibility is to use modified version of putty (*), kindly
provided by player Gorath. Windows version is available for download at

* Both of these are provided by third parties, should be treated
as any other link and weighted against your paranoia. Any untrusted
program is a security risk and mud administration can't be held
responsible if it ruins your day, your computer or your bank account.
In the worst case, it can scratch all your CDs and DVDs, erase your
gf's phone number from your phone, send your phone number to your
vengeful ex-gf and invite your mother-in-law for a week-long stay.

See also: COMPRESS


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