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Usage: mail check
mail send <person> [object]
mail receive
mail list [number]
mail delete <number>

The commands used by the New Midgaard Mail System (NMMS) are SEND, CHECK,
RECEIVE, LIST and DELETE. These commands can only be used while in an Official NMMS
Post Office.


To check and see if you have any mail waiting:
> mail check

To write mail to Niandra:
> mail send Niandra

To write mail and send scroll to Niandra:
> mail send Niandra scroll

To ask the Postmaster to give you your mail, if you have any waiting:
> mail receive

To list all mails delivered to you:
> mail list

To list a third mail delivered to you (if you have any):
> mail list 3

To delete third mail:
> mail delete 3

Stamps cost 500 coins. If you're sending an object stamps cost more (depends
on value and weight of sending object.


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