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List of styles which are available on RANKS:

style name Attacks Hitroll Damroll DamDice Defence Available
Fire Storm Extreme Average BelowAvg Good Good Sh
Hammer of Shamballa Good BelowAvg Ultimate Ultimate Awful Sh
Arctic Blizzard Ultimate Ultimate Excellent Average Good Sh
Shadow Dance Poor Poor Poor Poor Ultimate Sh
Thunderbolt Poor Good Ultimate Extreme Very Poor Sh
Griffin Claw Average Good Extreme Ultimate Very Poor Sh
Dragon Claw Good BelowAvg Extreme Ultimate Awful Sh
Thrusting Finger Poor Very Good Extreme Incredible Awful Sh
Dance of Chaos Very Good Extreme Average BelowAvg Very Good Sh
Faithful Man Very Good Excellent Poor Poor AboveAvg Mo
Drunken Man Extreme Average Average Good Good Mo
Mantis Good Average Excellent Extreme Very Poor Mo
Holy Man Poor Poor Poor Poor Ultimate Mo
Dancing Spirit Extreme Extreme Very Poor Awful Very Poor Mo
Spirit of Faith Ultimate Ultimate Very poor Poor Awful Mo
Cat-o'-nine-tails Good Average Ultimate Ultimate Awful Mo

You cannot wield any weapon, hold anything, or wear anything on your body,
legs or arms, if you want to use a style.

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