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After reaching the fabulous fifth rank, the character gains access to
completely new kind of skills. The legendary skills. Upon gaining effective
level, starting at efflevel 90, character gains one skillpoint, which can be
used to buy knowledge of one legendary skill. This is similar to practice
points, only just one skillpoint can be invested into one legendary skill, not
more. Also legendary skills are organized into several branches, where more
advanced skills of a branch depend on basic ones, thus to access truly powerful
legendary skills, it is often necessary to specialize in just one branch of

Most legendary skills have actually several versions, the stronger ones being
sort of upgrades to the basic one. More advanced skills sometimes depend just
on the basic version but more often than not, they depend on the most powerful
upgrade of the skill. Of course all the upgrades are cumulative, so no
skillpoint is wasted when learning the highest upgrade, which is often the
biggest difference.

If you later find that your chosen path is not the right one, do not worry. It
is possible to give up a legendary skill branch to recover skillpoints spent
for it. For a fee, of course, but still possible. At the master of the branch
you want to reset, use command "learn resetbranch <branchname>" and all skills
of this branch will be removed from you. You need to write the command in full
to prevent accidental removal of skills.


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