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You can influence the way the system parses names with the following

<name>_<name> - allows you to enter more than one keyword of an object
in order to interact with it.
all.<item> - interacts with all objects of that name in the room
and your inventory.
0.<name> - interacts with the player of that name if one exists.
<number>.<name> - interacts with the mob or item of that name and number.
.<command> - ignores all aliases and uses the command named.

For example:
> get all red_bag - Gets all the items from the red bag.
> get all.sword - Gets all items with the keyword 'sword' in
the room.
> tell 0.worker - Tells the player named Worker assuming that
that player exists and is logged in at the
> kill 3.goblin - Attacks the third mobile with the keyword
'goblin' that is visible in the room.
> get long_sword - Gets the first item with the keywords
'long' and 'sword' that is visible in
the room.

These numbers do not work with nicknames however.
You can refer to yourself with either your name or 'me' or 'self'



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