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Level: 61

The provided list of if_checks and their arguments are below. They
should all be fairly obvious in what they do, but some of the more obtuse
deserve a slight explanation. Any '==' operator can be replaced with any of the
available ones described above. The argument ($*) refers to any of the
variables which make sense for that if_check (i.e. for an if_check which is
referencing a person the only valid variables would be $i, $n, $t or $r)
A value type of string is a sequence of characters. It does not need to be
included in quotes or anything like that (i.e. name($n)== orc large brown)
rand (num) Is random percentage less than or equal to num
isnpc ($*) Is $* an NPC
ispc ($*) Is $* a PC
isgood ($*) Does $* have a good alignment
isfight ($*) Is $* fighting
isimmort ($*) Is the level of $* greater than max_mortal
ischarmed ($*) Is $* affected by charm
isblinded ($*) Is $* affected by blind,darrken eyes or sense jam?
isflying ($*) Is $* affected by fly
iswalking ($*) Is $* not affected by levitate or fly?
issneaking($*) Is $* sneaking? Good for use in greet scripts.
isfollow ($*) Is $* a follower with their master in the room
isaffected($*) & integer Is ($*->affected_by & integer) true
(person only)
exists ($*) True, if $* exists

hitprcnt ($*) == percent Is the hit/max_hit of $* equal to percent
inroom ($*) == integer Is the room of $* equal to integer
(person only)
sex ($*) == integer Is the sex of $* equal to integer
position ($*) == integer Is the position of $* equal to integer
level ($*) == integer Is the level of $* equal to integer
class ($*) == integer Is the class of $* equal to integer
goldamt ($*) == integer Does $* have a gold total equal to integer
objtype ($*) == integer Is the type of $* equal to integer
objval ($*) == integer Is $*->value[n] equal to integer (n from 0-3)
number ($*) == integer Is the vnum of $* equal to integer
name ($*) == string Is the name of $* equal to string

pcinroom Is number of players in room
npcinroom Is number of NPCs (mobs) in room
nummobs(vnum) Is number of mobs with vnum in room
objtotalnum(vnum) Is number of vnum object (rentfile included)
objnum(vnum) Is number of vnum object (rentfile excluded)

NOTE: There are some fairly interesting and possibly useful ones not on this
list, and the might or might not get added in later days. Please send any
that YOU add to me, or to the mailing list.


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