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** Hit points show you the life energy you have. If you get hit
in a fight, or you freeze a lot, or you are starving, you'll lose
some hit points. If your hit points go below zero, you'll become
unconscious, and you can only hope to get rescued by a helpful
adventurer. If your hit points reach -12, you'll die. But don't
fear, in this world we believe in reincarnation. You'll even get
your old name and stats. Well, nearly all stats.

** Mana points show you the amount of magical power you have. You
need mana mainly for casting spells.

** Stamina points shows your physical energy. You need stamina for
moving, fighting and for many skills.

There are several methods to help regain points faster. For
example, sitting is better than standing, resting is better than
sitting, and so forth, but better still, there are a number of
locations (and on some occasions, items) around Mud that increase
the regeneration rates quite significantly.

See also: STATS


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