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Hardcore character is specially modified character, who is not going to be
given new body after death. Yes, death is permanent for hardcore characters.
If you wish to create such a character, you can do so during character
creation at race selection prompt. Type "!HARDCORE!" (including exclamation
marks and capitals) in race confirmation screen, and here you are. Hardcore
characters get their hardcore badge when they are created, and at each new
level (even efflevel after training) they can visit the blacksmith to have
their badge upgraded (use "advance <stat>" command for this or "advance list"
for list of options).

Please note, that there is NO EXCUSE from deletion after death, no matter
what caused your death. If you die because of a network lag, you WILL get
deleted. If you die because of game bug, you WILL get deleted. If you die
because of malicious action of other players (no matter whether hardcore
or not), you WILL get deleted. If you die because of action of an immortal
(whether unintentional or malicious), you WILL get deleted. If you die
because <insert your reason here>, you WILL get deleted. Irrevocably. If you
want to play hardcore, you are expected to really mean it. There will be
NO RECOVERY of hardcore characters. That's what it means to play HARDCORE.

But when you die with your hardcore character, it doesn't mean you will be
forgotten. Every hardcore character will be recorded in the Hall of Fame
(visible via halloffame command).



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